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New campaign launched to protect the tench

A new project to promote and protect tench and increase opportunities for tench fishing in the UK has been launched in a joint initiative between the Tenchfishers and the Angling Trust.

The idea for ‘Tench Fishing: The Future’ began after a workshop in January 2020 discussed the current state of tench fishing in England.

Attended by the Environment Agency, the Institute of Fisheries Management and other key organisations, it concluded that new efforts could help drive forward a renewed interest in tench with the goal of securing a brighter future for the species.

Taking inspiration in part from the National Crucian Conservation Project, TFTF aims to raise the profile of tench fishing and encourage fishery managers to consider tench as an option when developing their waters. To support this, a new knowledge base has been created on the Angling Trust website where detailed guidance can be found on creating a tench-friendly fishery.

The campaign aims to:
• Educate and share knowledge of tench and tench fishing
• Raise the profile of tench fishing
• Protect existing tench fishing
• Encourage the promotion of tench fisheries
• Work with existing national and regional bodies
• Encourage appropriate bodies to consider the role of tench as a valuable asset to their fisheries

Phil Jackson, President of Tenchfishers, said: “There are, of course, a good number of quality tench fishing waters in the UK, but the total has declined significantly over the last half-century and their distribution is uneven. Some anglers now even refer to tench fishing in the past tense. We hope to help associations preserve the tench waters they have and to create new ones where they have a range of still water venues. These goals need planning and the application of resources and above all a willingness to make room for tench.”

Alex Clegg, of the Angling Trust, said: “With over three years and a global pandemic having passed since those initial discussions, I’m absolutely delighted to see this campaign take off. Tench are a special fish to so many anglers around the country and really do deserve our best efforts to ensure they thrive in future. The knowledge base promises to be a fantastic growing resource which anyone can access, and through continued support of the Tenchfishers, something which could drive real change going forward.”

To see a video on ‘Tench Fishing: The Future’ see

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Written by Peter Cliff
With career in Public Relations and journalism, Peter worked for local, regional and national newspapers before moving into Public Relations. A regular contributor to several major angling publications over the years, he launched in 1999.


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