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Advice for fishery owners and managers on stocking new fish

Timely advice on coarse fish stocking

Fisheries Management Consultant, Dr Bruno Broughton, gives timely advice on when and how to stock new fish. 12th Oct 2023 - Bruno Broughton
A typical peg on Lake 2 at Fosseway Fishery

Turn day ticket anglers into loyal customers

How many of your day ticket sales turn into repeat customers? We’ve come up with 7 ideas that will help you turn new anglers into loyal returning customers. 2nd Oct 2023 - Steve
How to keep your fishery and fish safe in summer

Keeping your fishery safe in summer

Whilst the warm days of summer provide freshwater fish with a period of plenty this is also a time of potential jeopardy for freshwater  fisheries 5th Jun 2023 - Bruno Broughton
Clumps of Common Reed provide spawning habitat for fish

It’s time for fishery owners to spring into action!

Fisheries management tips on preparing your fishery for spring by Dr Bruno Broughton – Fisheries Management Consultant 2nd Feb 2023 - Bruno Broughton
Winter Fishing

How to prepare your fishery for winter

Fishery management consultant Bruno Broughton discusses how to get your fishery ready for winter and how to prevent issues from occurring that could damage your venue or fish stocks. 7th Nov 2022 - Bruno Broughton

Use email to keep anglers coming back

Using email marketing to turn new visitors into regular anglers, will help keep your fishery busy all year round – and because so few fisheries keep in touch with their anglers, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 21st Oct 2022 - Steve

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