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Where to go fishing in Norfolk

Norfolk, best known for the ‘Norfolk Broads,’ offers a range of diverse fishing opportunities in its network of lakes and rivers.

Famous for the Norfolk Broads

In addition to the county town of Norfolk and its stunning medieval cathedral, Norfolk is perhaps most famous for the Norfolk Broads, a network of rivers and lakes in the east of the county which were formed when former peat workings flooded and which now comprise seven rivers and 63 broads

Norfolk also has a large number of rivers

Also, being predominantly low-lying agricultural land, it is not surprising the county has a large number of rivers, the biggest of which is the River Wensum, considered to be the most protected river in Europe. It is also home to numerous chalk streams which include the Rivers Mun, Glaven, Stiffkey, Burn, Heacham, Ingol, Hun, Babingley and Gaywood, some of which offer fishing for trout and grayling.

There’s a huge amount of fishing to be had in Norfolk

It’s not surprising therefore that there’s a huge amount of fishing to be had in the county with the Broads, many of the rivers and a host of stillwater commercial fisheries all offering opportunities for the angler.

Many spots on the Broads are free to fish

Whilst a vast number of fishing spots on the lakes which form the Broads are available free of charge, several stretches of rivers which link these are managed by angling clubs. As the Broads is a freshwater river system the coarse fishing close season applies from 15 March to 15 June inclusive each year. The Broads are managed by The Broads Authority and whilst angling is permitted from most of the Authority’s 24-hour boat moorings unless otherwise stated anglers must always give way to boats wishing to moor.

And so are some stretches of river

Many stretches of river in Norfolk offer free fishing with at least four stretches of the River Ant, at least three on the River Bure and on the footpaths which run along the River Hitch. The River Thurne also has several locations where the fishing is free. A good way to check who controls what is to seek advice from local fishing tackle shops, of which there are many in the county.

There’s canal fishing too

There is only one major canal in Norfolk, the North Walsham and Dilham Canal where the local Canal Trust has spent years restoring this former working waterway. The banks and landing jetty at Ebridge Mill provide good spots for anglers who can fish there free of charge.

More day ticket fisheries than you can shake a rod at!

When it comes to commercial coarse fisheries there are more than you can shake a rod at with several offering holiday or short stay accommodation as well as camping and caravanning facilities. Many of the commercials also allow night fishing.

Amongst the best known of these are the Reepham Fishery which has four lakes and offers accommodation; Fendick’s Fishery at King’s Lynn which has five lakes and offers camping and caravanning; Barford Lakes on the outskirts of Norfolk which has eight waters across four sites; Oakwood Park Lakes, formerly Witch Lakes, at Thetford comprises three lakes situated within the park; the Dents Of Hilgay fishery comprises of five lakes; and the Catch 22 Fishing Centre at Lyng in the Wensum Valley is home to carp to over 40lbs to name but a few.

Norfolk has fishing tackle shops in the major towns

With all this fishing available it’s not surprising the county has plenty of local fishing tackle shops. In addition to the many venues which have on-site shops there are outlets in most of the major centres including Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Wroxham, King’s Lynn, Potter Heigham and Diss.

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