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Guide to buying second hand fishing tackle

Guide to buying second hand fishing tackle

This seasonal cold and wet weather can cause many of us to stay at home rather than go fishing, but the yearning within to do something fishy can often be satisfied by buying more kit. 9th Jan 2024 - Chris Smith
What happens to fish in severe floods?

What happens to fish in severe floods?

The recent extreme floods will have led many anglers to wonder what lasting effects such dramatic events have on fish. Fishery Management Consultant Dr Bruno Broughton explains what goes on. 9th Jan 2024 - Bruno Broughton
Coarse fishing reels explained

Coarse fishing reels explained

If you’re new to fishing or just thinking about purchasing a new fishing reel, Chris Smith delves into the detail about his coarse fishing reels and explains the benefits and features of the different types. 5th Jan 2024 - Chris Smith
Winter Carp Fishing

Winter Carp Fishing

Many anglers pack the carp rods away once the leaves start dropping and the first frosts hit, but by picking the right times and location there’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry on carping through the bleakest months – Rob… 22nd Dec 2023 - Rob Harris
Dead fish on River Nene

Dead fish on River Nene

In a disconcerting turn of events in Peterborough an estimated 100,000 dead fish are lining the banks of a tributary the River Nene. 15th Dec 2023 - Steve
End of the line for plastic coated rod licences

End of the line for plastic coated rod licences

The now familiar and attractive plastic-coated licence cards will not be issued to anglers from the end of May next year following a decrease in licence sales over the past few years. 14th Dec 2023 - Peter Cliff

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