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Promote your fishing venue on Youtube

Running or owning your own fishery or fishing venue isn’t easy, nor is attracting new anglers to your fishery. In this article we look at how to use Video and Youtube to help more anglers see you online.

Why Youtube is important to fishing venues

Youtube is the second biggest search engine (Google being the first) so making sure your venue is on Youtube is definitely a good idea. If you naturally create content and videos for social media, it’s quite easy to use this on youtube too. Anglers love Youtube, infact 81% of anglers go onto youtube to watch angling videos and other content, with the average visitor spending 19 minutes a day on the channel.

Thanks to Google it’s Free and easy to set up your own Youtube channel. You can register for an account (you need a Google account which is also Free) but it takes about 20 minutes to go through the process and set this up for your venue.  If you’re not sure how to do this, well, there is a video on how to follow the process on Youtube.

Watch this easy set up guide for setting up a Youtube channel for your fishery.

Use the same content you use on Facebook and Instgram

Don’t get into thinking you can only upload professional videos with drones, presenters and captions – you really don’t have to try this hard. If you’re creating content for social media already, probably on your smart phone, you can use the same content on Youtube easily, you don’t need fancy cameras, lighting and presenters.

Our tips for creating a compelling Youtube video

  1. Be yourself – Not everyone finds it easy filming, narrating or being seen in a video, but the best thing to do is to just be yourself. Be conversational and take your time, talk as though your audience is with you in person. If you do this then the style and tone of the video will be more natural and more watchable.
  2. Be creative – You can do much more than a review of your venue (although that is a good start point) – if your fishery is known for its large tench, do a video of the best pegs for tench, talk about the techniques that have caught fish before and which baits you would recommend. Do shots of lily pads, bubbles and fishy looking pegs.
  3. Be detailed – When you upload your video pay special attention to the title and description, describe in detail what the video is about and use tags to further describe the subject matter, so when people search your video will more likely come up.
  4. Be regular – Every time you walk around your fishery just think, what is happening today that’s interesting, fish feeding off the top, a weather storm coming in, what are the anglers on the bank catching? Try to capture video every day and upload content to youtube as often as you can. The more you do the better.

Youtube is easy to set up and can help you promote your fishery.

If you want to get professional

If you want to get really professional and do some editing then there are a number of cool tools that you can use to do this. Here are our favourite editing tools that all have free versions.

  1. Adobe Premier Rush – You can use Rush on desktop or on mobile – and it’s available on IOS and Android. Adobe Premier Rush is a cool little tool that helps compile, add music, trim, drag and drop and create that perfect final video for Youtube.
  2. Blender – Hang-on to your hat – Blender is huge programme that is way more than just a video editor and it includes a 3D animation suite. On the video editing side, there’s a ton of features including transitions, speed control, filters, adjustment layers, and more, but it’ll take you a bit of time to work out how to use it.
  3. Splice by GoPro – Splice is a video editing app by GoPro. According to GoPro, Splice ‘puts the power of a professional desktop editor at your fingertips.’ You can select transition style, trim your footage, add text, change the video speed, and more. Splice also provides a huge library of free soundtracks for your videos.
  4. Canva – Canva is well-known for its design and photo-editing capabilities, but a more recent addition is its video creation and editing features. With Canva, you can edit your videos using a variety of templates and there is access to a library of images and music as well.

What are you waiting for?

So what’s stopping you from getting started? Grab your smartphone and get out and start capturing video and uploading it to your own Youtube channel. Let us know how you get on by sending us a link to your channel and videos. We’d love to see them.

Don’t have time to do Youtube, but want more anglers?

If you’re looking for a really easy option of getting found on Google and getting more bookings, then you could add your venue to our site. Whether you have a day ticket, exclusive use, syndicate or holiday fishing venue, we’ve got you covered. And because we come up right at the top of Google for Phrases such as ‘Fishing Lakes’ Or ‘Fisheries’ you can just piggyback on our success – we really don’t mind! Take a look at what we offer and drop us a line if you want to come on board.

Avatar photo
Written by Steve
Steve's been an angler since the age of 12, when he caught his first perch on his local canal in Warwickshire. An avid float angler for over 30 years, Steve's just as passionate about angling now, whether stick float fishing on the Avon or at his local gravel pit fishing for spring time Tench.


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