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Pridewood Hops Fishery

An attractive and shallow, well-established lake, surrounded by flat grass banks. Common and mirror carp to just under 30lbs as well as crucians and silvers.

Key facts about Pridewood Hops Fishery

Shallow lake between three and four feet deep
Pay on the bank
Fishing to the island good for the carp
Plenty of roach on sweetcorn
No matches
No designated pegs - fish where you want
Landing nets and unhooking mats must be dry
No keepnets
Average size of carp 10lbs to 12lbs
Surface fishing allowed

Part of a 500 acre farm

The day ticket fishing lake at Pridewood Farm is part of a 500-acre arable, hop and cider apple farm in the heart of beautiful Herefordshire countryside just five miles from the ancient market town of Ledbury and 12 miles from Hereford.

The history of the lake and house is unknown but both are shown on an 1846 map of the area. Whilst the exterior suggests Georgian origins, some of the interior is of half timbered black and white construction which indicates that parts of the farmhouse are of a much earlier date. The original half-moon shaped lake was extended to its current size about 20 years ago and today offers day ticket fishing from well-maintained grass banks.

Site accessibility

Visiting anglers can park their vehicles either in the farm yard or at the end of the track which leads to the lake. The flat and even grass banks around the lake also makes Pridewood Hops suitable for disabled anglers, who are allowed to park their vehicles behind their pegs when the weather and ground conditions permit.

Although the lake at Pridewood Hops is popular with locals it can rarely be described as busy – despite the fact that it is known to hold common and mirror carp to just under 30lbs. The lake is also home to a good number of crucian carp, good sized roach which are regularly caught to 2lbs with one angler even reported to have captured one over 3lbs, some bream and tench and even a pike which was weighed at 28lbs when last caught.


Pridewood Hops Lake

Fishing at Pridewood Hops Pridewood Hops' informal fishing lake is home to carp averaging 10-12lbs.

Described by locals who fish it as a typical Herefordshire pool because, despite being about three-quarters of an acre in size, it is only three to four feet deep, Pridewood Hops is an out-and-out pleaure venue which does not cater for matches.

An informal relaxed fishery

The fact that there are no bait bans and the only rules being that landing nets must be clean and dry before use, that keepnets are not allowed and that unhooking mats should be used when handling larger fish go to make Pridewood Hops an informal fishery where anglers can relax and enjoy a session either on their own or with family.

Because there are no designated pegs anglers can fish from wherever they want on the bank. All that is asked is that they leave their pegs clean and tidy and that they take their litter home with them.

Numerous interesting features

The lake has well maintained grass banks and two islands, one of which is capped by a large attractive weeping willow tree. There is also dense thicket of shrubs at the entrance end. This, together with the islands, all make great features to fish near – although anglers are warned that if they fish too close to them hooked fish will bolt for the roots making it vital that they are turned towards open water as soon as they strike.

Being fed by an underground stream means that water levels in the lake remain fairly consistent throughout the year. The constant supply of fresh water and the fact that the lake is not over fished ensures that the fish remain in tip-top condition and are a delight to catch whilst the steady flow of water helps reduce freezing in colder winter weather.

Common and mirror carp up to 28lbs

One of the main attractions of the lake at Pridewood Hops are the common and mirror carp, the largest of which was weighed and witnessed at 28lbs when it was caught in 2014. Although there are obviously smaller fish in the lake, the average size of the carp is around the 10lb to 12lb mark with a good smattering of bigger fish.

Anglers targeting the carp can use a wide variety of methods from traditional to modern carping techniques with popular baits being boilies or 10mm to 16mm marine halibut pellets hair-rigged on Size 8 or 10 hooks to at least a 10lb line. These are best fished over a bed of feeder pellets or in a pva bag stuffed with loose offerings. Bread is also a good bait fished either on the surface or on the bottom whilst dog biscuits are another popular floating bait.

Although sweetcorn is a favoured bait for carp on many waters, at Pridewood Hops it tends to attract the roach making it a good bait for those after the silver fish. Also popular baits for general fishing are bread, paste, pieces of luncheon meat and casters, although fishing with maggots can attract nuisance fish.

Fishing technique on Pridewood Hops lake

Whilst pole and waggler both work well, anglers can’t reach the larger of the two islands with the pole. This, however, is not a problem as fish can be attracted into a swim anywhere in the lake. When the lake is quiet many big fish are also taken by anglers fishing close in to the margins.

Fish can be taken from anywhere in the lake whilst popular pegs tend to be those which give access to the two islands, the shrubs which run into the water at the entrance end and fishing towards or by the outlet at the far end of the lake from the entrance.

However, wherever you chose to fish Pridewood Hops tends to be one of those waters where anything goes – so if you are not catching don’t be afraid to experiment with different baits or techniques.


Fishing at Pridewood Hops is from dawn until dusk. Anglers should start fishing – day ticket fees will be collected on the bank. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied.

Day Tickets

Adults Under 16s Adults (2 Rods) Under 16s (2 Rods)
Ticket Price
Ticket Price 7.00 3.00 8.00 4.00

How to get there

Pridewood Farm is about three miles from Ledbury and 12 from Hereford and can be found off the A417 just south of the village of Ashperton.
Entering the postcode HR8 2SF on Google Maps or SatNavs will take you straight to the fishery.
On turning into the entrance continue up the long drive towards the farmhouse and you will see signs directing you to the lake.
Get directions on Google Maps

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One thought on “Pridewood Hops Fishery

  1. James Smith

    This is a lovely little fishery. We had a great day, slow at first but in the afternoon we kept getting bites and we must have landed 30 carp between us. We fished about 20ft out and used prawns which worked really well.

    Steve on