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Hamstall Specimen Carp and Pleasure Fishery

Attractive five pool specimen carp and pleasure fishery with a Lakeside Lodge and stretch of the River Blithe near Rugeley in Staffordshire.

Hamstall Fishery Features and Facts

Specimen carp lake
Two attractive Doubles pools
Two smaller silver fish pools
River fishing for trout and coarse fish
No matches
Angers’ Lodge with toilets
Carp to over 30lbs
Family friendly venue
Lakeside Lodge available for angling breaks
Delightful rural setting

Recent catches on Specimen Pool include one angler who landed a 31lb common carp and four others between 20lbs and 25lbs in one session.

What’s on offer at Hamstall

Set in beautiful rolling Staffordshire countryside on the fringe of the village of Hamstall Ridware, Hamstall Fishery is reserved entirely for specimen carp and pleasure anglers because it does not hold matches. With many pegs suitable for disabled anglers, it offers five pools of differing characteristics plus a largely unfished stretch of the adjacent River Blithe which can be reached by crossing the small bridge near the flow measuring station between Pools One and Two. Following recent stockings of double figure carp into Pools Two and Four, Hamstall will be making a name for itself as a specimen carp venue over the coming years, building on the reputation it has made following the development of Pool Three into a specimen carp only water with fish to 30lbs.

A nicely matured fishery

Over the past few years, Hamstall has matured nicely and is now a natural looking venue clothed in a mass of waterside trees, bushes and bankside vegetation. Open all year round, the fishery is served by a central car park fronting onto which is the purpose-built Fishermans’ Lodge where a range of snacks, confectionery and hot and cold drinks can be obtained, as well as a range of baits. The Lodge also houses one of the smartest and cleanest toilets to be found at a fishery – making it an eminently suitable venue for ladies!

Because of the variety of pools and verdant surroundings with good access to all the pools, Hamstall is an ideal spot for families looking for a day out where there is good fishing for experienced carp angler, novice and children alike.

Pool Three Specimen Carp lake holds fish to over 30lbs

Having said that, the fishing is serious as Pool Three Specimen Lake now offers carp to over 30lbs as well as some excellent tench, perch, roach and bream. Rudd, both red and golden, provide excellent fishing at any time whilst the river holds brown trout, superb chub plus dace, pike and even grayling. Both coarse and fly techniques work well on the river.

Anglers should note that they should not use barbed hooks, braid, or bolt rigs and that the only bait ban is that nuts are not allowed. Landing nets should be used at all times and anglers fishing Specimen Pool must have an unhooking mat, 42-inch landing net and cradles. Keepnets can be used from October to March but these should be thoroughly dry before being put into the water.

Pools Two and Four are now Doubles waters

Following a netting operation to remove the silver fish and smaller carp at the end of 2021 and a major restocking of double figure fish to over 20lbs, Pools Two and Four are now Doubles waters. The number of pegs on both waters has also been reduced to eight. As with Specimen Pool, fishing on these two waters is by advance booking only.

To see photographs of some of the new carp stocked into the Doubles water check out the photo gallery above.

The fishery is open from 7.00am until dusk and the bailiff – who is on site at all times – can give advice if required.

Aerial footage of Hamstall Pleasure Fishery

Take a fly over of Hamstall Pleasure Fishery and view the well laid out venue and pegs.

Pool Three Specimen Carp Pool

Specimen Lake at Hamstall fishery in Staffordshire Pool Three is the specimen lake with fish to over 30lb

Carp to over 30lbs

At one-and-a-half acres, this is the largest of the Hamstall Fishery pools but has only seven well-spaced pegs to give anglers privacy. Following a major restocking, it now holds mirror carp thought to run to over 30lbs as well as commons over 25lbs and large leather carp. Because of the size of the fish – nearly all the carp are now over 10lbs – poles are not allowed on this water and stout lines and good sized hooks are recommended with sized 6-10 being advisable for the carp. Fishing on this water is by advance booking only and anglers should go equipped with 42-inch landing nets, an unhooking mat and cradle if they want to weigh fish.

Even before the restocking the average fish caught generally came in at around 12lbs. For those not after carp there are some excellent quality roach to 2lbs plus rudd to 1lb, the odd chub to 4lbs and some excellent perch to 3lbs.

Depths vary from four to 10 feet

The depths vary from four to 10 feet, the deeper water being near the entrance with the shallowest at the far end where there is a sunken island about four feet under the surface. The shelf around the edges is about five feet deep before falling to an average of about seven feet.

There are no favoured pegs but anglers are advised wherever possible to fish into the wind. Anglers fishing for the carp have found that luncheon meat and meat paste baits have proved consistently successful season after season. Good floating baits include bread.

Small amounts of groundbait are allowed and used with maggots, casters and sweetcorn or with a maggot and worm cocktail are effective for all other species in the water. Bread also works well for the roach as do worms and maggots for the perch.

Pool Two Doubles water

Pool Two at Hamstall fishery in Staffordshire Pool 2 is now a Doubles water

Pool Two Doubles water

Following a netting in autumn 2021 and and subsequent major restocking in early 2022, Pool Two is now one of Hamstall’s two Doubles waters, Pool Four being the other. Although most of the silver fish were removed, it is likely that some will remain but being restocked with more than 100 double figure carp it now holds fish to over 20lbs.

To improve the fishing, the number of pegs on this attractive water have been reduced to eight to make it more of exclusive.

All techniques will work well for the carp

Although modern carp techniques and baits will work well, simpler more traditional methods also catch plenty of decent fish. Even waggler fishing with double red maggot work well whilst caster and worm cocktail and sweetcorn and bread are all extremely effective.

Fishing on Pool Two Doubles water is by booking only and anglers must go equipped with a 42 inch landing net, unhooking mat and sling if they wish to weigh the fish. Bookings can be made by telephoning 07976 313549.

Also on Pool Two Doubles water is Hamstall’s luxury Lakeside Lodge which is available to rent. Offering two double bedrooms and two singles, it sleeps up to six people and is available for a minimum of three nights at a cost of £350 including fishing whilst the charge for anglers who also want to book the whole pool for themselves during their stay is £450 per night. Bookings can again be made by telephoning the number above.

Pool Four Doubles water

Pool Four at Hamstall fishery in Staffordshire On Pool 4 it is in the deeper water where most of the fish are caught

Two pegs are suitable for disabled anglers

Pool Four is now Hamstall Fisheries’ other Doubles water again having only eight pegs and holding carp to over 20lbs.

The depth is usually about six feet round the sides falling to about eight in the centre and 10ft to 12ft at the end furthest from the car park. The two pegs nearest the car park are suitable for disabled anglers.

Although modern carp techniques and baits again work well, simpler more traditional methods also catch plenty of decent fish. Even waggler fishing with double red maggot work well whilst caster and worm cocktail and sweetcorn and bread are all extremely effective.

Fishing on Pool Four Doubles water is by booking only and anglers must go equipped with a 42 inch landing net, unhooking mat and sling if they wish to weigh the fish. Bookings can be made by telephoning the number  above.

Pool One

Pool One at Hamstall fishery in Staffordshire Pool 1 only has 7 pegs, and is often favoured by younger anglers.

Pool One – where size isn’t everything

Although Pool One is by far the smallest of the Hamstall Pleasure Fishery waters with only seven pegs, it holds a complete mix of fish species including what are believed to be several potential British record gudgeon, tench to 7lbs, common and mirror carp to 6lbs, crucian carp to 1lb 4oz and some quality roach and rudd. Again, double red maggot is a favoured bait as are luncheon meat, sweetcorn and casters.

In summer masses of rudd can be caught on the drop, especially by anglers using caster or bread flake, whilst sinking bread is great for the carp and other species. As is to be expected, the majority of the tench, carp and gudgeon are taken on bottom fished baits, although the carp also fall to floating baits near the side in summer.

A delightful small pool

Surrounded by bankside vegetation, this is a delightful small pool suitable for both adult and younger anglers alike and whilst it is only small it is certainly worth investigating as it is as attractive as any of its larger siblings.

The River Blithe

The River Blithe at Hamstall fishery in Staffordshire Trotting maggot or worm or ledgering the deeper swims and holes are the best coarse techniques.

The river holds chub to 6lbs

Hamstall Fishery offers a 700 metre stretch of the River Blithe, the majority of the far bank which is sometimes grazed right up to the waterside. The width varies between 10 and 25 feet and the depths from one to six feet, particularly on the outside of the bends where the tree roots have created some spectacular chub haunts.

Regarded as grossly underfished and largely unknown to many of the Hamstall regulars, this stretch of the river holds super chub which have been caught to 6lbs, excellent dace with many shoals holding fish to 8oz, pike to 12lbs, a few roach and perch, eels and brown trout to 1lb, the occasional rainbow to 3lbs and grayling to 2lbs.

Anglers who regularly fish the water with both coarse techniques and fly say the most successful method is to stalk because the water is usually gin clear and the fish scatter at the slightest noise, footfall or shadow. In summer, however, the banks can become overgrown which provides plenty of cover – although you have to clear your own way to some of the pegs.

Trotting and ledgering work well

Trotting maggot or worm about 18 inches deep or ledgering the deeper swims and holes are the best coarse techniques. Freelining using a short spinning rod and just one Swan shot to allow a bait of cheese or bread to trundle along the bottom is a good way of taking the bigger chub.

Take a break in Hamstall's lakeside lodge

The Lakeside Lodge at Hamstall Fishery near Rugeley in Staffordshire Looking across Pool Two Doubles water towards the Lakeside Lodge

Hamstall Fishery has a large luxury waterside lodge on Lake Two which comprises four bedrooms and sleeps up to six people. With a large open-plan kitchen area, lounge and dining area, the kitchen is fully equipped with oven and four-ring hob, extractor fan, microwave, toaster, kettle, crockery and cutlery. In the dining area is a table large enough for six whilst the lounge is equipped with a three seater settee, two seater settee and chair, large screen television with DVD player and speakers.

In addition to a family bathroom, one of the two double bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom with bath, separate shower, wash hand basin and toilet. There is also a separate utility room.

The cost for renting the lodge is £350 per night including fishing whilst the charge for anglers who also want to book the whole pool for themselves during their stay is £450.

Please e-mail: or telephone the number above for further information about the lodge or to make a booking


Non-fishing guests are charged at £3.00 on all pools when accompanied by day ticket  anglers. Non-fishing night guests are charged at £5.00 on Specimen and Doubles pools. Fishing on Specimen Pool and on the Doubles waters is on a first-come-first-served basis and must be booked in advance. Concessionary tickets are not available. There is a maximum of two rods on all waters.

Pleasure Pools - Pool 1 and Canal

Day tickets from 7.00am until dusk
7.00 (additional rod £3.00)
Day tickets from 7.00am until dusk 7.00 (additional rod £3.00)

Pool Three - Specimen Pool

Day tickets
Day tickets 20.00
36-hour tickets
36-hour tickets 35.00
48-hour tickets
48-hour tickets 50.00
60-hour tickets
60-hour tickets 65.00

Doubles water

Day tickets
Day tickets 20.00
36-hour tickets
36-hour tickets 30.00
48-hour tickets
48-hour tickets 45.00
60-hour tickets
60-hour tickets 60.00

Rules and conditions

General Fishery Rules

No dogs allowed on the fishery.
Under 16s to be supervised at all times.
No barbed or long shank hooks.
No fixed leads or fixed feeders.
No braid main line.
Landing net to be used at all times.
No landing net No fishing.
Use your landing net to return the larger fish.
Return fish in your own swim.
No keepnets.
No Nuts.
Ground bait only in a cup or feeder.
Do not throw unwanted bait in at the end of your days fishing.
Never leave your rod or pole unattended.
No fishing between the pegs.
Maximum two rods per peg.
When unhooking larger fish use an unhooking mat.
Never walk around with the fish.
You are welcome to take photos of your fish but you must be kneeling down and holding the fish over an unhooking mat.
Please treat our fish with respect and return them quickly.

Pool Three Specimen Pool Rules

All anglers must purchase a permit before fishing.
Anglers must be capable of handling large carp on their own.
No under 16’s.
Each angler must own a 42” landing net.
Each angler must have a large well-padded unhooking mat.
Barbless hooks only.
Minimum hook size 10.
Minimum 12lb line.
No braid main line.
No lead core.
No safe zone leaders.
No fixed leads or fixed feeders.
Maximum 2 rods per angler, one angler per peg.
Never leave rods unattended or in the care of another angler.
No poles.
No carp sacks.
No fishing between pegs.
No nuts or particles.
Freezer baits only, no shelf life boilies.
Ground bait in a feeder only.

You are welcome to take photos of the fish you catch, but you must be kneeling down and holding the fish over your unhooking mat. make sure you keep the carp wet in warmer weather.
never walk around carrying fish.

All fish to returned in your own swim safely using your landing net or weigh sling, never carry the fish in your arms. Please treat our fish with respect. Damaged scales or lips to be treated with carp care products.

How to get there

Travelling on the A38, take the turn onto the A513 for Kings Bromley at Alrewas and then follow the signs for Kings Bromley, passing through the village of Orgreave.
At Kings Bromley turn right onto the A515 and after about a mile turn left at the traffic island to Morrey and Hamstall Ridware.
At the next junction turn left for Hamstall Ridware and the fishery entrance is clearly marked on the right hand side just before you go over the river and enter the village.
Get directions on Google Maps

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