Large Pool at Alcott Farm Fishery in Weatheroak,Alcott Farm Fishery

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The new Silver Pool at Alcott FarmAlcott opens new silver fish pool

In addition to stocking additional roach and tench in Large Pool, Alcott Farm has also completed work on a new half-acre kidney shaped Silver Pool which has been stocked with a mix of roach and tench to provide year-round angling.

Dug in October 2009, the pool averages five feet deep with the occasional deeper hole and has a central island some nine meters from the bank, making it an ideal for pole or waggler.

Although Alcott Farm Fishery is only a short drive from Junction 3 of the M42 motorway and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010, it is still a little known and little fished venue.

The farmhouse which offers bed and breakfast at Alcott Farm FisheryPopular with a growing number of regulars who love the open banks, quality pegs and clean, fin-perfect fish, the fishing at Alcott Farm was further improved for 2011 with the provision of toilet facilities, resurfacing of the car park and paths, the removal of many small fish and the addition of larger stocks to improve the angling further.

The pools were developed on former marshland at Alcott Farm in 2000 as the result of a partnership between farm owner Jane Poole and semi-retired construction engineer Richard Jennings who now runs the fishing on behalf of Jane and her husband John. John is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer and rider who has produced horses to Olympic standard for the British team.

Small Pool at Alcott Farm FisheryIn addition to helping husband John run the 65-acre equestrian Stud Farm and livery business at Alcott, Jane also runs the bed and breakfast side of the farm, which offers two double rooms and two twin bedded rooms in the farmhouse and a self-catering cottage in an adjoining converted stable block.

The two older pools, which can be found near the entrance to the long post-and-rail drive which leads to the farm, were both dug in the year 2000 whilst the new silver fish pool was opened in 2011.

Looking back towards the entrance to Large Pool at Alcott Farm FisheryRecently work has also been carried out to landscape the banksides with trees and shrubs whilst a hardcore and plainings drive and car park have also been installed which now serve all three pools.

There is a gated entrance from the car park to the bankside which enables anglers to drive their cars to near their pegs in the dry summer months.

The grass track around the pools is a great advantage for disabled anglers, for whom eight timber pegs have been specifically created on Large Pool with assistance from the Environment Agency.

B and B and self-catering accommodation at Alcott Farm

The lounge in the farmhouse at Alcott FarmPart of the self-catering cottage at Alcott FarmOne of the farmhouse bedrooms at Alcott Farm

In addition to the angling, Alcott Farm offers bed and breakfast accommodation in four rooms in the main farmhouse as well as self-catering accommodation in converted stable cottages across the courtyard and a new Scandanavian-style lodge. The self-catering cottage accommodation has been awarded a four-star rating by Visit Britain whilst the farmhouse accommodation is three-star rated. Anglers who stay in the accommodation enjoy free fishing at Alcott.
For further details of the accommodation at Alcott Farm please click here.

2017 angling ticket costs and opening times

Day Ticket (7.00am - dusk)
£6.00 (per rod)
£5.00 (per rod)

Anglers should start fishing - day ticket fees will be collected on the bank
Children under 16 must be accompanied.

A double disabled peg on Large Pool at Alcott FarmLarge Pool

The pool nearest the entrance at Alcott Farm Fishery, Large Pool is about 100 metres long by 50 metres wide and offers about an acre of water with an island in the centre and some 20 well-spaced pegs timber pegs, some of which are double sized.

Eight of the timber pegs have designed specifically for disabled anglers.

Deepest at the end nearest the house where up to eight feet of water can be found, Large Pool gradually shallows to about four feet deep at the end nearest the car park. Because the sides drop virtually straight to the bottom, the maximum depth for each peg can be found all the way round the pool.

Plenty of open waterLarge Pool is stocked predominantly with common and mirror carp which are known to run to just over 20lbs but which average between 4lbs and 5lbs. There is also a decent head of crucian carp to about 1lb as well as 5,000 tench and bream which were stocked at six inches two years ago and are now regularly showing at between 8oz and 1lb.

In addition there are plenty of quality roach which are frequently caught between 1lb and 1lb 8oz and some handsome perch to 1lb which give a good account of themselves once hooked.

Another shot of Large Pool at Alcott FarmTo reduce the risk of disease, Large Pool is no longer used for matches but pleasure catches in excess of 100lbs are regularly taken, particularly in the warmer months. In 2011 several anglers have reported being broken by big fish. A 20lb common carp was caught in Spring 2011 but anglers believe there are bigger fish than this in the lake.

This all goes to make Large Pool a great spot for both serious anglers and those looking for a few hours pleasure fishing with members of their families.

The far end of Large Pool at Alcott FarmAlthough there are no particular hot pegs in summer the best fishing is usually done by anglers casting to the island or, when the venue is quiet, fishing close in to the margin. The deeper water is usually most productive in winter.

Pole and waggler both work well on Large Pool, although anglers can't quite reach the island with the pole and tend to bait up a swim as far out as they can get or fish down the bank in the margin.

When it comes to baits, expander pellets fished over a bed of groundbait or feeder pellets are proving increasingly popular whilst maggots, luncheon meat and sweetcorn are particularly effective for the carp with smaller baits such as maggots, casters and single sweetcorn kernels popular with those after the tench and silver fish.

Large Pool at Alcott FarmBecause they give the best access to the island, the pegs in the centre of the road bank and those directly opposite on the farm bank are popular whilst those in the far two corners where the water is deepest are also well worth a try when they are vacant.

Although there are few rules at Alcott Farm, keepnets are not allowed and landing nets must be dipped thoroughly before fishing. Groundbait should be used only in moderation and the venue is barbless hooks only.

Small Pool at Alcott FarmSmall Pool

At just a quarter of an acre in size, Small Pool is oval shaped with only three designated pegs, although anglers can fish wherever they want on the grass banks of this open water snag free water. It can accommodate about eight anglers in comfort.

Small Pool is easy to fish because it has an average depth of only five feet with two or three occasional deeper holes where the bottom drops to eight feet. These provide ideal holding points for the fish in winter but makes plumbing the depth essential for those anglers who want to target these deeper points.

Small Pool - a pleasant open water with plenty of roomAlthough Small Pool is not as big as Large Pool, it is stocked with a similar range of species and sizes as Large Pool, so the opportunity to catch some nice fish is as good as for those anglers who fish Large Pool.

As a result, there are carp to into double figures to be caught in Small Pool as well as some nice pleasure roach, perch and tench. Indeed, the opportunity to catch some nice fish was enhanced over the 2008/2009 winter with the addition of some 10lb-plus carp as well as 250 kilos of fish in the 1lb 8oz to 3lb range together with some 5,000 four to six inch silver fish and tench being added in Spring 2009.

Plenty of fish for anglers of all agesSmall Pool is again predominantly a pole and waggler water with maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread being the most favoured baits.

Although the size of Small Pool may put some anglers off fishing it, this is not a water to be dismissed lightly. Because of its size it is a great pool for younger anglers or those wanting to try out new techniques and is a great little venue, being stocked with a decent stamp of fish for those looking for a pleasant day's fishing in the countryside.

New Silver Pool at Alcott FarmNew Silver Pool

The new Silver Fish Pool at Alcott Farm is a banana shaped canal style water with a central island nine metres out running down its spine which makes it ideal for either pole or waggler fishing.

Built with sides which drop straight down to an average depth of five feet, Silver Pool has four deeper holes where the bottom drops to about eight feet - two at each end and two off the bank between Silver Pool and Large Pool. These provide ideal holding points for the fish in winter but make plumbing the depth essential for those anglers who want to target these deeper points.

Another shot of the new Silver Pool at Alcott FarmTo provide year round angling, the water has been stocked with roach between four and 10 inches long and tench to 1lb and these are already providing great sport, particularly to anglers who fish maggot or sweetocrn on the bottom. This means Silver Pool is a great venue for seasoned, novice and junior anglers alike.

Whilst Silver Pool has three purpose-built pegs, anglers are again allowed to fish wherever they want from the grass banks which surround the water.

Alcott Farm's website
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Alcott Farm has a comprehensive website with information and photographs on all aspects of the venue from the history of the site through the fishing available. The site can be found at

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailAlcott Farm Fishery is a short drive from Junction 3 of the M42 motorway. On leaving the motorway take the A435 towards Birmingham and immediately after the Esso garage take the slip road to the left. At the T-junction turn left into Watery Lane and turn left again at the next cross roads into Weatheroak Hill.

Turn left again opposite the Coach and Horses pub into Icknield Street (signed Beoley Narrow Road) and the entrance to Alcott Farm will be found about half a mile on the right shortly after you pass the entrance to the two pools. Drive up the long post-and-rail drive to the farmhouse.

Please note that Alcott Farm is south of the red circle on the Multimap link between the circle and the M42 motorway.

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