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Destan Pool exclusive carp fishery

Hidden away in the countryside near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, Destan Pool offers exclusive hire specimen carp fishing for individuals and small groups of anglers

10 key facts about Destan Pool

1.5 acre secluded spring fed pool
Ideal for individuals or up to four anglers
Six good sized pegs
Exclusive hire
Carp to over 30bs
Secure and safe site
Three, four or seven night availability
Toilet facilities
Hardcore carpark and track around the lake
On-line booking system

A former fishing pool which had been neglected for several years, Destan Pool has been revitalised by its current owners who have drawn on their angling experience to provide an exclusive spring-fed specimen carp fishery a quarter of a mile from the nearest road where anglers can leave the world behind in a remote and rural setting where the surroundings are as good as the fishing.

Taking its name from the French name meaning ‘By The Still Waters’, Destan Pool is an acre and a half in size and has been stocked with about 90 carp, the majority of which are in the mid to high teens with about a dozen between 20lbs to just over 30lbs. There are also some smaller native fish which provide great fishing for younger visitors to the venue.

The pool is available for exclusive hire by individual anglers or groups of up to four for week long, mid-week or weekend stays. With its own hardcore car park set about 60 yards from the lake, the site is totally secure being fenced off from the surrounding countryside. To preserve the privacy of the site, anglers will be given details of its exact location and how to get there a week before their arrival and on the day will receive a text giving them the code for the gate and be met by the owners on arrival who will supply them with the fishery’s own nets, slings and cradles. They  are also provided with a small bottle of Propolis anti-bacterial gel so they can treat any minor wounds they find on fish.

Although youngsters under 15 are allowed, they must be accompanied by an adult angler. Dogs are also allowed.

Anglers can be supplied with a range of baits including pellets, boilies and attractors when they arrive at the fishery.

Anglers should use the on-line booking system on the fishery’s own website where they can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. A 20 per cent deposit is required with the final payment to be made six weeks prior to arrival.

Destan Pool

Destan Pool exclusive carp fishery near Bridgnorth in Shropshire

Depths vary in Destan Pool with the shallowest water being found off the Gate and the Back Bay pegs where between three and four feet of water can be found to a maximum of about nine feet off the Corner Swim and Dam End Swim.

Stealth is the secret to success

Being remote, the main secret to success on the water is to remain quiet and use stealth, although because surface fishing doesn’t seem to work there is no need to stalk fish – better to settle in on your peg and wait for the bites to come. However, the lake is yours to stalk if you wish but so far limited success has been experienced using this method.

Coloured baits work best

Because the water is quite coloured those anglers who have fished Destan so far have found that bright coloured baits work best with yellow or pink Krill based pop-up boilies giving good results. Coloured pop-ups topped with a natural bait such as worm or maggot have also seen success. The venue supplements the diet of the fish with 14mm Munch Bio Marine pellets which have also accounted for a good number of fish – although it is estimated that as many as half the fish which were stocked have yet to be caught.

Another popular bait is yellow sweetcorn with whatever is used on the hook being fished over a bed of particle feed and free offerings. Anglers should note, however, that the only baits which are not allowed are artificial baits and any sort of nuts.

All bottom fishing techniques work well

When it comes to techniques all ledgering tactics work well although the fishery does not allow fixed lead – lead clips are fine,  lead core or rigs such as Beach Caster Rigs which involve knots up the line. For full details please read the rules in the section below.

Anglers are recommended to use a minimum 12lb line and Size 8 to 10 hooks. Although micro-barbed hooks are allowed anglers should not use fully barbed hooks and braided main line is not allowed because of the damage it can cause to fish.


All prices are for three anglers.

A fourth angler can be added at £25 for two, three or four night stays and for £100 for three night weekend or seven night full week stays

Two nights mid-week

Monday to Wednesday; Tuesday to Thursday or Wednesday to Friday
Monday to Wednesday; Tuesday to Thursday or Wednesday to Friday £200

Three nights mid-week

Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday
Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday £250

Four nights mid-week

Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday £300

Three nights weekend

Friday to Monday
Friday to Monday £350

Full week

Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday
Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday £650
Check the fishery's own website to book

Rules and conditions

General Rules:

All customers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod licence and must show them on demand to agents acting on behalf of the Environment Agency.
All litter, including cigarette ends, must be taken home. Bins are provided for use when onsite but all rubbish from them should be taken away. Black sacks can be found in the toilet.
Fires are allowed in provided log burners only. Firewood should not be cut or used from the surrounding countryside but must either be bought in or provided by the hirer.
Respect the venue, its inhabitants, wildlife and plant life.
No trees, bushes or bank side foliage to be cut
No guns or crossbows allowed on the water and only well-behaved dogs allowed. Please clear all poop at the time it is deposited.
All fish captures must be weighed and sent to the owners within seven days of capture.
All strangers to be challenged and ordered to leave the site unless on the public footpath if proof of permission to be there cannot be established.
A three-rod limit per angler always applies . All rods to be fished from the same peg.
No pleasure or rowing boats allowed on the water at any time.
Bait Boats can be used.
All particle baits to be prepared thoroughly.
No nuts of any sort.
No fish to be introduced or removed from Destan Pool.
Always fish in a gentlemanly or ladylike manner.
Sessions are to last no longer than seven days after which you must not return to fish the water for at least 24 hours.
Unhooking mats are compulsory and provided by the owner. Anglers must not use their own unhooking mats. Leave your unhooking mat in the car please.
Gates must remain closed at all times for anglers’ own security and to keep out otters as they are pretty vicious in this part of Shropshire. The venue has lost a small number of fish to otters over the winter.
Please keep the location of the fishery private. Please do not share the location on social media or any other form on communication.
No rods to be left unattended or left under the supervision of another angler. Your rods – your responsibility.

Rig Rules:

Destan Pool management reserve the right to inspect members fishing rigs at any time.
Line with a minimum breaking strain of 12lb should be used when fishing for carp, including floater fishing.
No Braid.
Rig tubing must be used and be a minimum of one meter above the rig. Tungsten or rubber only – do not use RigMarole braided tubing.
For hygiene reasons use only the nets, unhooking mats and slings provided.
No Shock leaders.
Absolutely no fixed lead rigs allowed. Lead clips are acceptable. Only rigs using running leads are allowed,
No 360 rigs or fixed lead rigs.
No rigs involving knots up the line such as beach casting rigs.
Distance markers using pole elastic will not be allowed.
No lead core rigs are allowed.
Hooks should be barbless or microbarb only. Destan pool management reserve the right to check hooks.
Surface fishing is allowed but be aware of wildlife.
Do not use artificial or plastic baits.

Fish safety:

Fish care is our top priority – keep the fish wet.
Have a bottle/bucket of cool water/damp cloth ready to keep the fish calm and wet whilst on the mat, buckets will be provided. This is especially important during the warmer months.
Have everything you need ready to hand before you start fishing.
Make sure you have your damp cloth, scales, sling, forceps and camera ready before lifting the fish out of the water. This will keep the time the fish is out of the water to a minimum.
Treat any cuts or sores. Propolis will be provided and must be left behind at the end of your session.
Treat any injured fish with cuts, sores or marks and ensure you keep any treatment away from the eyes and gills of the fish.
Destan Pool Management decision is final.

Your Safety:

No wading. In places the water is deep. Deep water is dangerous.
Life saving equipment is only to be used in an emergency.
There is a composting toilet on site. All instructions on use can be found on the joining instruction and should be followed.
Strictly no drugs on site.
Strictly no heavy drinking (water is dangerous!)
Please respect the neighbours. No excessive noise. Noise carries in the countryside!

How to get there

The exact location of Destan Pool is a secret
Full details, directions and gate code will be supplied in advance of your visit
The link below only gives directions to Bridgnorth so should not be used
Get directions on Google Maps


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