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A digger enlarges the lake at Spring Rock
The diggers come out at Spring Rock Fishery

Work is underway at Spring Rock Fishery enlarging the lake and deepening the shallower part to the right of the entrance to give a minimum depth of one and a half metres.

Part of the enlargement will include the creation of another small island to give an additional feature to this interesting water.

Work on digging the new caravan pitches and car parkThe diggers are also buys laying mains water to the site as well as creating six touring caravan pitches, each with their own electric hook up, a new access road inside the fishery and creating a car park which will be able to accommodate up to eight vehicles comfortably.

When work is complete the existing entrance will be closed off.

The fishery and sleeping pods are open as usual whilst work is being carried out.

To be found in stunningly beautiful and remote surroundings just off the A44 near Llandrindod Wells, Spring Rock Fishery is a clay bottomed carp fishery built by carp anglers which is suitable for both devotees and pleasure anglers alike. Indeed, if you are looking for an attractive water in the middle of the countryside, Spring Rock will fit the bill.

Spring Rock FisheryStocked with more than 350 mirror, common, ghost and koi carp to 25lb as well as a good head of crucians, the lake is about two and a half acres in size with three central islands and depths which range from a few feet in parts of the margins to about 10 feet further out.

Because depths vary so much and because there are plenty of underwater features such as plateaux and holes, it is advisable to spend a little time before fishing to plumb depths and find the features. Also, with margins which vary between a few feet and eight feet in places, some of which are lined with high reeds, the water is also ideal for stalking.

Spring Rock FisheryAlthough there are few rules there is a limit of two rods per angler and only barbless or micro-barb hooks can be used. The only baits to be banned are trout pellets, tiger nuts and halibut pellets. All anglers should use an unhooking mat and all fish should be returned to the water after weighing or photographing.

Because Spring Rock is so remote there are few facilities for anglers with the exception of a spacious new log pod, a car park and on-site toilets. This means that anglers looking for a stay of several days or nights should go well equipped with everything they need.

The new log pod at Spring Rock FisheryA new feature at the fishery is a log pod, pictured left, which is equipped with electric points and a flat screen television and DVD player.

Measuring 10 feet wide by 25 feet long, the pod can be rented at £20.00 per night and is ideal for overnight accommodation as there is plenty of room for camp beds, fishing tackle and other items.

Because there are only some 15 pegs and fishing is limited to six anglers at any one time, advance booking is essential.

2013 ticket costs

Day Ticket (7.00am - dusk)
24-hour Ticket

Fishing is by prior booking only
Juniors under 16 must be accompanied.

Nestling down on Spring Rock FisherySpring Rock Fishery

A two-and-a half acre lake with three central islands and depths which vary between a few inches and 10 feet, Spring Rock was dug on boggy ground and modeled on one of the Celtic Lakes fishery waters. It opened for angling in April 2008 and has matured nicely since then.

It was initially stocked with 64 Mark Simmonds carp weighing between 4lbs and 23lbs which were followed a few months later with a further dozen or so between 8lbs and 15lbs.

Looking across Spring Rock FisheryHowever, because a good number of anglers visiting the fishery wanted to float fish, a further 350 six-inch mirrors, commons and crucians were added.

The result is that there is a 60/40 mix of commons and mirrors with 60 per cent of the bigger carp being commons and the other 40 per cent mirrors.

The water now holds a lot of fish between 10lbs and 16lbs, about a dozen topping the 20lbs mark with the largest fish to have been caught so far falling to local angler Tony White in April 2008 when it tipped the scales at 23lbs 0oz.

Waiting for a take at Spring Rock FisheryThe crucian carp have also grown on well with the majority of fish now coming out at between 1lb 8oz and 2lbs.

Although there are about 15 natural grass bank pegs around the lake, visitor numbers are restricted to six at any one time to prevent anglers encroaching into neighbouring swims or over casting someone else's line.

Popular pegs are those along the entrance bank, along the left hand side as you approach the water and along the far bank, all of which give good access to the islands and the channels between them. The bay to the right as you come onto the fishery is shallow, although it often produces good results particularly in warmer weather to anglers presenting a floating bait of dog biscuits, bread of floating pellets.

Looking out from the far end bankThe water around the majority of the margins is quite deep at between six and seven feet off the entrance banks to eight feet along the left hand bank and the bank opposite the entrance. The bottom then shallows up to about six feet in the main body of the lake and to about four feet in the channels between the islands.

The bay to the right as you come onto Spring Rock is the shallowest at just three to four feet deep, but in summer becomes quite heavily weeded. Despite the weed, this can often yield decent bags of crucian carp for float anglers and in warmer weather is as good as anywhere on the lake for taking commons and mirrors off the top.

There's plenty of open water at Spring Rock FisheryAnglers going after the commons and mirrors fish both modern and traditional carping techniques, fishing either in open water or towards the islands and the channels in between them. However, hooked fish need to be steered towards open water to prevent them bolting for sanctuary through the channels and going behind the islands where they are almost impossible to get out.

Another feature of Spring Rock is that whilst boilies are a popular bait it is essential that they are good quality or they will simply be ignored. Ten to 15mm Mainline, Cell, Nutrabaits and Trigger all produce good results with spicy baits appealing to the fish. The fish also take readily on 6mm, 8mm or 10mm light coloured carp pellets.

Spring Rock FisheryAnglers should note that halibut pellets and trout pellets are not allowed and that only barbless or micro-barb hooks can be used, with most anglers fishing a Size 8 or 10 to a 12lb line and running leads. The only other rules are that there is a maximum rod limit of two rods, that unhooking mats should be used and that anglers should go equipped with a carp sized landing net. Keepnets are not allowed.

Although the margins are quite deep at between six and eight feet, many anglers elect to float fish close in with one rod and ledger further out with a second.

Because of the size of the fish it pays to use a fairly stout line even when float fishing, with most anglers opting for a 6lb to 8lb line tied to a Size 12 hook and baits of double maggot, sweetcorn, chopped worm or bread.

To see a photo gallery of some of the decent carp to have come out of Spring Rock Fishery in 2011 - just click here.

Visit Spring Rock Fishery on the Net

Spring Rock Fishery is developing its own website where latest news and information on the fishery is available to visitors as well as a comprehensive photo-gallery and a list of rules.

The site can be found at

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailSpring Rock Fishery is just a short drive and well signed off the main A44 Worcester to Aberystwyth road.

If traveling on the M5 north or south, leave the motorway at Junction 7 and follow the signs for Hereford and the A44, passing over about six roundabouts and at the seventh follow the sign for Bromyard A44. Stay on the A44 all the way past Bromyard traveling through Leominster and then across country towards Llandrindod Wells. After passing through Llandegley take the first lane to the left after passing the Bulk Household Waste Centre on the left. You will see a banner for the fishery on this junction. The entrance to the fishery is about a quarter of a mile down this narrow lane on the right.

Click on the map for more detail.

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