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Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich must rank as one of the best-known and most prolific match and pleasure venues in the Midlands - if not the UK.

The well stocked Tackle Shop at Woodland ViewJust 15 minutes drive from the M5, it offers eight pools together with a well stocked tackle shop, fully-fitted cafeteria which seats more than 100 anglers and ample car parking around the site.

It is estimated that wherever you chose to fish you are never more than an 80 yard walk from your car.

All pools are suitable for disabled anglers with every pegs designed specifically for wheelchairs. In addition, there is a purpose-built disabled toilet whilst the shop and cafeteria have both been fitted with wide doors and ramps, all of which makes Woodland View popular for disabled matches.

The cafeteria at Woodland View FisheryWoodland View's commitment to encouraging angling as a sport for people of all backgrounds is illustrated by the fact that in conjunction with its local Worcester Elgar Round Table and Preston Innovations, the fishery offers a free tackle loan to schools and groups of young people including the less able bodied who want to try out fishing as a sport.

Offering more than 200 pegs, Woodland View caters for up to 120 match anglers at any one time and it is perhaps as a match venue that the fishery is best known. In addition to being available for club and corporate events, Woodland View also holds its own regular Open Matches every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and during summer regular 'Afternoon Opens' on Fridays and Sundays.

The layout of the lakes at Woodland View FisheryThe Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday morning matches are always held with the draw at 9.00am followed by 'all-in' at 10.00am with fishing until 3.00pm. The Summer Friday afternoon draw is taken at 1.00pm with fishing from 2.00pm until 7.00pm and the Sunday afternoon Open draw is taken at 2.30pm with fishing from 3.30 until 8.30pm.

With five hour competitions often won with more than 200lbs and pleasure catches coming in to match, it is not surprising Woodland View has earned itself the reputation as one of the most prolific fisheries in the Midlands if not the UK.

Droitwich angler Mike Perry with his 150lbs bagIndeed, Droitwich angler Mike Perry, now a Woodland View regular, pictured right with a 150lbs mainly carp bag of fish he took fishing the pole up in the water with meat and sweetcorn. Nothing unusual in that, you may think - but at the time Mike had only been fishing a few weeks!

Woodland View is also popular with companies and organisations looking to hold corporate events with all the pools and facilities being available for hire.

All pegs at Woodland View are purpose-built concrete platforms with plenty of space for chairs and baskets. Each also has four holes placed to take rod rests and umbrellas so there's no struggling to set up on hard ground.

Angling Ticket Prices

Day tickets
(7.00am to Dusk)
Half-day tickets
(1.00pm to Dawn)
OAP, disabled and juniors

Permits must be purchased from the tackle shop before fishing
Club match bookings are charged at £6.50 per peg

Woodland Pool at Woodland View FisheryWoodland Pool

The first pool you come to as you enter the Woodland View complex, Woodland Pool is a great favourite with those who just want to enjoy a pleasant session pleasure fishing a pretty water for whatever comes along.

Rarely used for matches, Woodland is regarded as the most prolific pool at the fishery and is a great favourite for children, beginners, those who want some 'easy fishing' and older anglers.

Woodland Pool at Woodland View FisheryNo matter what age or ability, you are virtually guaranteed to catch - even in the middle of winter when one angler bagged up after having to break the ice and return to his car every 15 minutes to warm up!

At half an acre in size with 22 pegs, Woodland is heavily stocked with most species of coarse fish including a large head of roach and rudd to 1lb, mirror, common and leather carp to 12lbs, crucians to about 1lb as well as tench, bream and even chub.

Woodland Pool at Woodland View FisheryWhen fishing Woodland Pool virtually anything goes - no matter what the weather or time of year. Because of its size, pole and waggler fishing is most popular whilst most used baits include maggots, casters. sweetcorn, luncheon meat and pellets.

Whilst there are no particular 'hot spots', some anglers prefer top fish to the island whilst others like to fish close in.

Because of the large head of rudd, great sport can also be had in summer fishing shallow with maggots or caster picking off the fish as the cruise on or just under the surface.

Arles Pool at Woodland View FisheryArles Pool

Although used for matches with the lake record currently standing at 183lbs, Arles Pool is very popular with pleasure anglers and, having an irregular shaped island in the centre at between 14 and 35 metres from the bank, is not only a good pole venue for fishing open water but also favours both the waggler and feeder. Waggler anglers often fish just a foot to 18 inches deep as close to the island as they can get.

At two acres in size with 40 pegs, Arles is the largest of the Woodland View waters and averages about six feet deep with sloping sides down to an even bottom.

Arles Pool - suitable for pole or wagglerArles Pool holds a good head and mix of fish including common, mirror, ghost and leather carp which run to 20lbs and average between 5lbs and 6lbs; tench to 6lbs and averaging 1lb 8oz, bream to 4lbs and again averaging 1lb 8oz and perch to 3lbs. In addition there are good stocks of roach and rudd to 2lbs, golden orfe to 2lbs, chub to 1lb and even barbel which show regularly and which run to 4lbs - good fighting fish by any standards.

Arles is also stocked with plenty of crucian carp which also give a good account of themselves when hooked. With hundreds running around the 12oz mark, there is also a good head of fish which can top 2lbs 8oz and anglers who locate the fish and hold them in their pegs can take bags of up to 100lbs in one sitting.

Arles Pool at Woodland View FisheryWhilst anglers fishing the pole can't really reach the island, pole fishing is good both in the margins and in open water, particularly when fishing caster on the bottom with an 18s hook and 10 elastic.

Those preferring the waggler have access to the whole lake. Float fishing to both the island and close into the margins are both successful, whilst the open water is also productive as the fish move around the pool and can be found nearly everywhere. Whilst the feeder isn't needed for fishing the margins or open water, it is usefull for reaching the banks of the island where it is furthest away from anglers.

A nice corner peg on Arles Pool at Woodland View FisheryWhatever technique you choose, fishing a still bait over Woodland View's own feeder pellets is the most popular technique with maggots, casters, worm, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and Woodland View's own 'Wonder Pellets' all being readily taken baits.

In warm weather it is also worth fishing a floating bait either close in to the margins - particularly if there are no other anglers nearby - or casting as close to the island as you dare tp pick up fish patrolling the shelf.

High Pool at Woodland View Fishery - the deepest with the biggest fishHigh Pool

High Pool is the deepest of the Woodland View waters and holds the biggest fish, being popular not only with anglers going after the venue's bigger carp - which run to 25lbs with lots in double figures - but also with those after the 10lb-plus barbel in the lake.

At an acre in size with 35 pegs, High Pool is unlike the other pools in that it ranges from eight to 10 feet deep and has an irregular bottom, making plumbing worth the effort for those in search of holes and features.

High Pool at Woodland View FisheryStocked with a wide variety of species, High Pool again holds big shoals of roach and rudd with catches of 60lbs in one sitting not being unusual.

In addition to attracting pleasure anglers, High Pool is also a popular competition venue with the record currently standing at over 200lbs for a five-hour match.

For both pleasure and match angling, the pole and waggler are both popular with waggler anglers fishing further out towards the centre of the pool. Despite its depth, few anglers use the feeder.

High Pool at Woodland View FisheryWhilst maggots, casters and pellets are all popular baits on this water, anglers going for the carp and barbel tend to use sweetcorn and worm although by and large the bigger fish will tend to have whatever you put in front of them.

In summer when the fish can be seen cruising on and just under the surface, floating bread is also as good as anything.

In summer it is well worth trying in the margins for some of the bigger carp, especially late in the afternoon when they start to cruise the bankside in the hope of scooping up some of the anglers left-over bait.

Deans Match Lake at Woodland View FisheryFront and Back Deans

Divided into Front Deans and Back Deans but classified as one water because the two pools lie next to each other and are identical, Deans is really an out-and-out match water but is available to pleasure anglers when not in use for a competition.

Front Deans offers 33 pegs and Back Deans 31. Both are ideal for club bookings and the pools are fully oxygenated to ensure good fishing even in the height of summer.

With depths varying from between three to four feet to the right hand side of the pools as you look at them from the clubhouse, they both run down to seven feet to an even bottom which is fairly featureless to give all anglers an equal chance of catching.

Deans Pool at Woodland View FisheryAlthough the average size of the common, mirror, ghost and leather carp in the lakes varies between 5lbs and 6lbs there are plenty of larger fish with the biggest running to 20lbs.

In addition there are tench averaging 1lb 8oz but running to 6lbs, bream to 4lbs and averaging 1lb 8oz, barbel to 4lbs, perch to 3lbs, roach and rudd to 2lbs, golden orfe to 2lbs and chub to 1lb plus a wealth of skimmer bream to help bulk out weights.

Deans Pool at Woodland View FisheryBecause it was designed and developed as a match water, both Front and Back Deans are very much pole waters although pleasure anglers are also successful on the waggler.

Once again, as with all the Woodland View waters, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, Woodland View 'Wonder' pellets and luncheon meat are all successful baits when fished over a bed of feeder pellets. Attracting the fish with liquidised bread when fishing the pole is another popular technique.

Barley Pool at Woodland View FisheryHay Pool and Barley Pool

Situated back-to-back, Hay Pool and Barley Pool are canal-type lakes each about three-quarters of an acre in size and holding 20 pegs each. Fishing on both lakes is from only one side of each to prevent anglers 'sword fencing' with each other!.

Known affectionately as 'The Twins', both waters are about 20 metres wide and hold mainly small carp from 8oz to 4lbs with some going to 8lb, plus some small tench, skimmer bream, perch and roach.

Hay Pool at Woodland View FisheryIt is not surprising that both are extremely popular club match waters as virtually every competition held on the waters in 2004 was won with more than 100lbs of fish. In fact, it is frequent for club matches to average 50lbs to 60lbs per man which results in most clubs which hold an event there wanting to re-book the venue.

Anglers fishing Hay and Barley invariably use the pole with three or four sections being long enough because it is unnecessary to fish far out.

Most popular baits are again meat, sweetcorn and Woodland Wonder pellets.

Ghost Pool at Woodland View FisheryGhost Pool

Like Hay and Barley, Ghost Pool is another Woodland View match water and is again stocked with small carp to 8lb, small tench, skimmer bream, perch and roach.

Slightly larger than Hay or Barley at an acre in size, it holds 25 pegs and is often fished by anglers using either the waggler or feeder out in the centre on maggots, caster, sweetcorn, meat or pellets.

Again, this is another water which fishes well summer or winter.

Woodlands View Fishery Web LogoWoodland View Fishery has its own website where anglers can keep up to date with latest developments at this popular Midlands match and pleasure venue. Click on the logo to go there...

How to get there...

Click on the map for a larger imageWoodland View is just 10 minutes drive from Junction 5 of the M5 motorway at Droitwich. On leaving the motorway, follow the signs for the A38 to Droitwich and at the first set of lights just after the Chateau Impney stay on the A38 instead of heading for the town centre. At the next roundabout head left and stay on the dual carriageway until you take the left fork signed Ombersley. Follow the A4133 towards Ombersley and you will pick up the brown tourist signs for Woodland View. Click on the map for a larger image.

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