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Wildmoor scores seven 30s in three days!

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Every now and again someone achieves something special at Wildmoor. This time it was Colin Thornhill fishing from Yew Tree Lodge with his wife Amanda and daughter Ellie. Being a regular visitor to Wildmoor Waters, Colin has fished from all four lodges on past visits. During his latest stay in August he landed a total of 35 fish which, apart from a few high doubles, the vast majority weighed in at over 20lb. In his haul he also had four fish between 25lbs and 27lbs. Colin also beat his common personal best, firstly with a 32lb specimen and then a real long one which weighing in at 37lb 8oz. The mirror weighed in at 31lb 8oz. So that was three thirties for the session!

Not to be outdone, father and son duo Neil and Louis Clarke had a fantastic weekend session from the Studio with eight fish between 25lb and 29lb plus three thirties to 33lbs. Shortly afterwards Caine Mappledoram caught his PB, a perfect mirror at 30lbs 12oz taking Wildmoor's tally in that latest spell to seven 30s in three days.

Not suprisingly demand for fishing is popular and Wildmoor. To check availability for the remainder of 2019. Follow this link..

Wildmoor opens new Studio for anglers

New at Wildmoor Waters is the Studio Apartment. Situated just a few short steps from the edge of the lake, it is now finished and available for bookings. Complete with a private gravelled area where you can sit and enjoy the lake, The Studio also has its own decking area which is right on the waters edge. Follow this link for further details and photographs.

Developed for experienced and discerning anglers who want seclusion, privacy and quality specimen carp fishing on a totally private site in the Cotswold Water Park, Wildmoor Waters offers fishing from a new Studio apartment and three luxury waterside lodges which are ideal for individuals, couples or families.

A nice 30lbs 12oz Wildmoor Waters commonOver recent years Wildmoor has built a reputation as one of the country's top 'big carp' venues offering angling for specimen commons and mirrors to over 40lbs and leathers to over 30lbs.

The quality of the carp fishing can be judged by the fact that there are over 550 fish at Wildmoor many of which are over 15lbs with 250 being over 20lbs and between 25 and 35 over 30lbs. The biggest fish to come out so far was a 41lb 10oz common caught by Daniel Duncan who fished a brightly coloured pop-up on his first visit to Wildmoor Waters.

Looking across Wildmoor Main Lake to the luxury lodgesIn addition, it is thought there are at least two other 40-plus fish including 'The Warrior' and 'Elma' which were both caught two years ago at 36lbs and are expected to have put on more than 4lbs since then.

The majority of the fish currently being caught are coming in at over 20lbs.

Regularly featured in many of the leading specialist carp magazines, Wildmoor Waters opened for angling 14 years ago and was developed in association with leading fishery biologist Dr Bruno Broughton. Dr Broughton's association with the fishery also means that the lake has been sympathetically developed to provide the maximum benefit to both the fish and anglers.

Another nice one!Since its initial stocking, many of the fish have more than doubled in weight and are now providing exciting sport for anglers.

In addition to the angling, Wildmoor Waters offers anglers a photo-service where the owner will take photographs of larger fish with their captors and provide prints before anglers leave the site.

A range of boilies and particles is also available on site.

Another shot of Wildmoor Main LakeThe Studio apartment and luxury waterside lodges on Wildmoor Lake are available either for a long week-end break from Friday to Monday or for mid-week angling breaks from Monday to Friday, although they are available for longer stays.

Anglers are asked to call the fishery on 07711 826459 (mobile) for availability or check their website availability page at

The Studio and three luxury lodges on Wildmoor can accommodate four people and are equipped to a high standard being double glazed, fully insulated and centrally heated. They are divided into three rooms - a bedroom, a bathroom and the main living area. To find out more about The Studio and cabins please click here.

Click here to see some Wildmoor Whoppers!Some cracking fish have come out of Wildmoor Waters recently and the fishery now regularly updates its Facebook page with photographs and details of catches.

To get a taste of what could lie in store for you, follow this link to the Wildmoor Facebook page.

the Courtyard swim at Wildmoor WatersWildmoor Waters Main Lake

At three-and-a-half acres, Wildmoor Waters is an out-and-out big carp water and offers fishing from the three luxury waterside cabins. The water is known to hold 550 fish to the low 40s with a good number between 15lbs and 25lbs which are growing quickly.

Although about 60 per cent of the fish are mirrors with the remaining 40 per cent being commons, there are a about half a dozen large leather carp which are known to run to 35lbs. In addition there are linears to mid-20s and fully scaled mirrors to the high 30s.

One of the luxury lodges at Wildmoor LakeOf the fish, about 30 per cent weigh between 15lbs and 20lbs, about 60 per cent between 20lbs and 30lbs and the remainder being between 30lbs and 40lbs - giving anglers a good chance of catching a fish of a lifetime on the right day. There are also a small number which run to over 40lbs (see above).

Between five and six feet deep around the margins, much of the lake is a maximum of seven feet deep, although there is a long trench off the road side bank which starts at 12 feet deep and runs up to five feet deep at the bottom end of the lake.

Total Carp's Craig Mortimer with a Wildmoor carpThe best technique for fishing Wildmoor is to fish bright coloured pink, yellow or orange pop-ups over a bed of particles, pellets and hook samples. All of these can be purchased on site.

Brightly coloured pop-up boilies are easily seen by the fish in the relatively clear water, although because the fish can be easily spooked if they run into anglers lines it is important to back lead.

This is the technique used in 2015 by Craig Mortimer when writing an article for 'Total Carp' about fishing for specimens on a budget. Craig was allowed to use only two bags of particles during his 36-hour session, but one of the fish he caught was so impressive that it made the front cover of the magazine (above).

Each lodge has its own waterside deckingIt is also the technique used by two anglers from the Newcastle who fished Wildmoor for a week early in 2015 and netted 62 carp for a total weight of 1,077lbs. That's an average of over 17lbs per fish.

Other tactics which work well are to use natural baits such as a large cluster of maggots fished on a maggot clip and sweetcorn. Hair-rigged 6mm to 10mm pellets also work well, particularly when fished over a bed of smaller feeder pellets.

A very good way of catching fish in the summer is to fish floating baits with a controller float, using bread or dog biscuits. However, when fished in open water these floating baits can often attract the attention of swans, ducks or passing seagulls - so persistence pays off.

The entrace end of Wildmoor Lake at Wildmoor WatersFishing a floating bait close into the margins can be very productive on warm summer evenings and nights when the fish patrol the margins grubbing around and looking for food which has been washed into the bankside.

The fish on Wildmoor also react well to a new wind. If the wind is blowing into the far corner as you enter the fishery it is highly likely the fish will be down this end of the lake and feeding. Wildmoor Lake sometimes also fishes well on on the back of an easterly wind when fishing to the bund and in the margins can be productive. The Wildmoor carp also feed well in a south-westerly wind which has been blowing for a day or two.

Wildmoor LakeWhen fishing the opposite bank from Chestnut Tree or Yew Tree lodges it can be beneficial to use a bait boat to get your bait to the exact point you want. Anglers are welcome to use their own boats whilst they are available for hire for those who don't have one.

Anglers should also be willing to respond to moving fish. Quite often dropping a pva bag filled with goodies next to a fish just under the surface will draw it down to the bottom and give a good chance of catching.

Looking towards one of the lodges at Wildmoor WatersOne of the nice things about this water is that it seems to fish equally well in the daytime as it does at night, although hot bright weather does tend to put the fish off until early evening when the temperatures cool down, through the night and into the early morning.

In winter it is obviously better to fish the deeper water. However, because the carp keep moving and because even in the coldest months there is usually plenty of anglers bait going into the water, they are nearly always on the look out for something on which to feed, a factor which makes Wildmoor Lake almost as good in winter as in summer.

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Wildmoor Waters has an impressive website where details of how the waters are fishing, photographs of latest catches, information on booking and news from the venue can be found. The website also has a useful section showing how to make up the most successful rigs for the lake. Follow the link to visit their site,

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailWildmoor Waters is just outside the village of South Cerney, near Cirencester. Having made your way to Cirencester, take the A419 and leave it at the Spine Road Junction and follow the signs for South Cerney. At the first crossroads, turn right into Station Road. Take the first turning right after the 30 mph signs into Robert Franklin Way and turn immediately right into Wildmoorway Lane. Wildmoor Waters is the third entrance on the left.

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