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Looking along Lodge Lake at Snowland Angling CentreSnowland Angling Centre started life as a recreational wildlife sanctuary with two shallow pools. Now, 40 years on, it offers accommodation around three lakes in a woodland setting, has a coffee shop, facilities for camping and touring caravans with electric hook ups and even a riding school. The Centre is also available for birthday parties and corporate events.

In addition to angling holidays, there are a number of holiday lets available on the adjacent site Touring caravans are also welcome at the lakes and the Centre is currently awaiting planning permission to construct three new lodges on the site.

Because the development has been done in liaison with the British Disabled Anglers Association, it is an ideal venue for less able bodied anglers.

Work underway on reinstating the fisheryWhen fishery manager Trevor Savory was asked in 2005 by the site owner to look into how the venue could be developed, he found the waters choked with weeds and the banks overgrown with brambles and trees.

However, he and three colleagues saw the potential and formed an angling club which then set about making the waters fishable. The owner supplied all the materials and Trevor and his colleagues the manpower.

Snowland is ideal for holidays in CornwallA keen angler for more than 50 years, Trevor spent 25 years with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and fished for the Army Squad. He was Secretary of the Army Angling Association for several years and ran his corps angling team for 10 years.

A disabled angler himself, Trevor liaised with the British Disabled Angling Association to develop Snowland into a venue which caters for disabled and able bodied anglers.  As a result, all the pegs around the main lake have parking within 10 metres and are on the flat whilst some of the pegs are double size and have safety rails.

A corner peg on Lodge Lake at Snowland Angling CentreTrevor is a fully-qualified Angling Trust licensed coach and a Level Two coach with the Professional Anglers Association. He is a member of Sports Coach UK.

He is also a qualified First Aider, including Pediatric First Aid and, as a result of his qualifications, runs an angling school at Snowland and offers both both individual and group tuition. The venue also stages regular club and open matches.

One of the static caravans at Snowland Angling CentreThe accommodation is currently in two lakeside caravans and the fishery welcomes camping and touring caravans.

The lakeside caravans are suitable for two adults and two children or just two adults. Prices include angling for two people with additional anglers being charged at £15.00 per week. Although the accommodation is basic the caravans are equipped with TV, cooker, fridge, pillows and duvets. Linen is provided but visitors need to take their own towels.

Plenty of bankside vegetationThe price for the Lakeside Accommodation is £235.00 per week. For further details please contact Trevor 07598 392278.

Work is also under way on the construction of three new lodges which are expected to be available before summer 2011.

In addition, the fishery has an on-site cafe and several toilets suitable for disabled anglers.  

Many of the Snowland pegs have safety barriers for disabled anglerWork has also recently been completed on clearing a stretch of river on the site which will be stocked during 2011 to create what is believed to be the only stretch of coarse river fishing in Cornwall.

Snowland Angling Centre has an extensive match programme which runs throughout the year. It includes a series of Summer and Winter Leagues; two-day festivals including the Carnival Cup; Mid week Opens and a Thursday evening League. All matches are classed as Opens. Draw times are 9.00am and breakfasts are available before to the draw on request.

Anglers should note that floating baits, boilies and dog and cat meat should not be used and that braid is not allowed.

2013 Day Ticket/Season Ticket costs

Day Tickets
Season Tickets
Under 16s/OAP/Disabled

Day Tickets are available from the Fishery Office or the Site Warden
A maximum of two rods per angler are allowed
Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on all waters

Some pretty Snowland fish

A nice commonA nice commonA nice bream
Another nice commonA nice mirrorA nice common

Snowland is ideal for holidays in CornwallLodge Lake

The most popular of the three Snowland Angling Centre waters, Lodge Lake is about an acre and a quarter in size with 32 pegs, some of which are fitted with guard rails for disabled anglers.

A roadway around the perimeter means anglers can park within 10 metres of every peg, although several pegs have parking either immediately behind or alongside them.

Snowland is ideal for holidays in CornwallWith an average depth in the centre of between four and a half and five feet, Lodge has a shallow 18-inch deep shelf around the edge which runs to about two feet out before sloping gently to its maximum depth. Because the bottom is slightly undulating it pays to plumb the swim accurately before starting to fish.

Approaching the island the bottom shelves upwards, again to a narrow shelf. As one would expect, fishing both the inside and island margins are very popular and productive, although accuracy is required when casting to the island shelf.

A nice sheltered peg on Lodge Lake at Snowland Angling CentreLodge is popular because it is stocked with a variety of species including common and mirror carp which are thought to run to 20lbs. Fish weighing betwen 5lbs and 8lbs are caught regularly, although the most frequently caught fish are those which were stocked a couple of years ago and now weigh around the 1lb mark.

The next biggest fish are the bronze bream which show erratically but which are caught to 7lbs 8oz. These have the advantage that when they are on the feed four or five can be taken in succession as long as anglers do not spook the remainder of the shoal. As well as the bronze bream, Lodge also holds a good head of skimmer bream.

Another sheltered peg on Lodge Lake at Snowland Angling CentreOther bottom feeding fish include tench to 3lbs and some very attractive crucian carp which run to 1lb 8oz and provide regular sport.

The remainder of the fish stocks are made up of gold and silver rudd to between 2lbs 8oz and 3lbs; plenty of roach including some which go to just under 2lbs; some handsome perch to just under 2lbs, 'shoelace' eels to about 1lb and the occasional wild brown trout around the half-pound mark.

One of the pegs ideal for disabled anglers at Snowland Angling CentreWhen fishing Lodge the most popular technique tends to be the pole with a maximum Size 8 elastic and 18 or 20s hook fishing either under your feet and certainly not more than a metre, close to the beds of water lilies or using the long pole to get up against the island.

The other most popular techniques are fishing the waggler and fishing a feeder.

Most popular general baits tend to be maggots, paste, pellet, worms, bread and luncheon meat, with luncheon meat being particularly successful for the bigger carp when a quarter-inch cube is fished on a hair rig.

A great all-round venueA good tip when fishing luncheon meat for the carp is to give your cube a nice coating of groundbait as this absorbs the fat in the meat and helps to prevent the bait floating off the bottom. Another good bait for the carp is expander pellet.

Anglers after the tench tend to stick to sweetcorn and breadflake, although a lobworm dipped in clear honey has proved deadly over the past few years. The best tench fishing seems to be had when the weather has been hot for a few days and a change in atmospheric pressure leads to stormy weather.

Whilst the perch love maggots and worm, the bream go for a wide selection of baits including maggot, worm, pellet, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and bread flake. An excellent bait is also a red worm tipped with a single maggot.

A nice Snowland netfullBrunel

Brunel is an out-and-out silver fish lake holding mainly rudd, golden rudd and roach which makes it another predominantly pole, waggler and swimfeeder water.

An acre and a quarter in size, it is a rectangular shaped water with some 30 pegs - 15 down each long bank - and has sides which drop straight down to a bottom which undulates between four and a half a five feet deep. The main feature of Brunel is a reed bed which runs along the spine of the lake.

Another nice Snowland Fisheries netfulAlthough there are a few carp in Brunel, these tend to be smaller fish to about 5lbs.

As one would expect, being a silver fish water the secret the secret is to fish light with a 1lb 8oz main line and six to eight ounce bottom tied to a 18s or 20s hook.

The most popular baits are maggot, caster and expander pellet although tail-end of worm, bread flake and a single piece of yellow sweetcorn also produce results.

Because of the large numbers of roach and rudd it pays to vary your depth until you find the fish, feeding a few samples of hookbait with every cast to get the fish feeding competitively.

If using a pole make sure it is up to the job!Paddock Specimen Lake

Although it is only about half-an-acre in size with no set pegs, Paddock is being developed as an out-and-out speciman water and now holds common and mirror carp which are believed to run to 25lbs, tench to 7lbs and a few roach and rudd to about 1lb which are being moved to Lodge Lake when they are caught.

Paddock is much deeper than the other two Snowland Angling Centre waters with a maximum of nine feet in the centre. Like Lodge, however, it has a shelf running round the margins before the sides shelve to the undulating sandy bottom.

Young Daniel Hiscock with 'DD' when it weighed 16lbsLike the other waters, Paddock has flat even banks and despite having only been available for angling since 2008 already has plenty of margin growth of lilies and reeds which provide cover for anglers in the summer months. When mature, this has the potential to be a very pretty water and is already a favourite with many carp anglers in the area while the lake also attracts bird watchers and water colour artists who embrace its surroundings and the peace and quiet which it offers.

The general stamp of fish is also good with few carp in the water weighing less than 7lbs and a couple of named fish including 'DD', a distinctive common carp weighing about 18lbs which has a split doral fin, and 'Humpty Dumpty' which has a broad black back and is estimated to be in the mid 20s. We say estimated because although he has been hooked several times no one has yet managed to bring him to the net - which has led him to develop a reputation as a 'vicious' fish!

Plenty of flat banks on PaddockAlthough the smallest fish tend to be around 7lbs in weight, the majority of the fish caught come in at between 10lbs and 12lbs.

When fishing for the carp it pays to keep things simple with most anglers fishing a straight through Arlesey bomb or similar weight on a 6lb to 9lb line, although those after the larger specimens scale up to 12lb line. Because these fish don't like large baits it generally pays to present a single piece of sweetcorn or 6mm or 8mm soft hooker pellet on a Size 12 hook, with a hair-rig presentation being the most popular.

A great all-round venueFlavoured are also proving increasingly effective, particularly during the summer months.

Another tip when fishing Paddock is to feed lightly with a few hook samples every few minutes to let the fish become confident in feeding. Pile in the feed at the beginning of a session and you are more likely to spook the fish.

When going for the tench you still need 6lb to 9lb line in case you get stuck into the carp but a 12 or 14s hook will suffice with baits of sweetcorn, pellet, maggot, worm and breadflake all being popular. Unlike many waters, one of the benefits of maggot is that you tend not to get pestered by smaller fish as there are few in the water.

Visit Snowland Fisheries on the Net

Snowland Angling Centre is developing its own website which can be found at Incorporating details of the fishery, forthcoming events, latest match results, details of touring and static caravan holidays and breaks as well as a page on the coaching available, the site will be extended over the coming months.

How to get there...

On leaving the M5 travelling south take the A38 and A390 via Plymouth and Liskeard. Go over the Tamar bridge on the A38 and past Liskeard to obwalls, about 22 miles from Plymouth. At the roundabout in Dobwalls take the second left signposted A390 St Austell and continue via Lostwithiel to St Blazey.

At St Blazey go over the railway crossing, past the petrol station and turn left at the traffic lights signposted for Par via Station Road. Carry straight on past the bus depot to the mini roundabout. Here you need to turn left into Harbor Road and then turn left following the sign for Fowey. Snowland Angling Centre is the first left after this.

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