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UK Rod-caught Record Fish

(Updated Spring 2013)

Barbel - 21lb 1oz 0dr
2006: Grahame King from Adams Mill in Bedfordshire

Bleak - 4oz 9dr
1998: Dennis Flack from the River Lark in Cambridgeshire

Common or Bronze Bream - 20lb 1oz 0dr
2011: Simon Lavin from Stonehaven Fishery in Oxfordshire

Silver Bream - 3lb 4oz 0dr
2012: Gareth Evans from Mill Farm Fishery, Pullborough in Sussex

Carp - 67lb 8oz 0dr (mirror)
2008: Austin Holness from Conningbrook Lake, Ashford in Kent

Crucian Carp - 4lb 9oz 0dr
2003: Martin Bowler from Yateley Lake; Phil Smith from Yateley Lake and Joshua Blavins from a stillwater in Hertfordshire

Grass Carp - 44lb 8oz 0dr
2006: Phillip Kingsbury from Horton Church Lake

Wels Catfish - 62lb 0oz 0dr
1997: R Garner from Withy Pool, Henlow, Bedfordshire

Chub - 9lb 5oz 0dr
1994: Andy Maker from a stillwater in the south of England

Dace - 1lb 5oz 2dr
2002: Simon Ashton from the River Weir in Sunderland

Eel - 11lb 2oz 0dr
1978: S Terry from Kingfisher Lake near Ringwood in Hampshire

Gudgeon - 5oz 0dr
1990: D H Hull from the River Nadder at Sutton Mandeville, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Golden Orfe - 8lb 5oz 0dr
2000: M Wilkinson from Lymm Vale in Cheshire

Perch - 6lb 3oz 0dr
2006 Kenneth Brown from Willstone Fishery, Tring, Hertfordshire and Neil Stephen from Stream Valley Lakes, Crowborough, Sussex

Pike - 46lb 13oz 0dr
1992: R Lewis from Llandegfedd in Wales

Roach - 4lb 4oz 0dr
2006: Keith Berry from a stillwater in Northern Ireland

Rudd - 4lb 10oz 0dr
2001: Simon Parry from freshwater Lake in County Armagh, Northern Ireland as well as from Clay Lake in Co Armagh.

Tench - 15lb 3oz 6dr
2001: D Ward from a private gravel pit in Staines, Surrey

Zander - 21lb 5oz 8dr
2007: James Benfield from the River Severn at Upper Loade, Loack

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