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Leigh Sinton Farm Coarse
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Lower Interfield
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WR14 1UU

Tel: 01886 832305 (office)
or 07798 533896 (Nick Beard)
Cafe: 07951 071762

Leigh Sinton introduces 'Buy One - Get One Free!' special offer

Leigh Sinton has introduced a 'Buy One - Get One Free!' special offer for anglers fishing from Monday to Friday. Under the offer, anglers who buy one adult or concessionary full day ticket before 2.00pm will get a free day ticket for a second person to fish free of charge. Please remember that the offer/voucher is only valid Monday to Friday and must be used by both anglers on the same day. Only one voucher is allowed per person per visit. This offer is available until October 31, 2013 but cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Leigh Sinton management reserves the right to amend or cancel this offer without notice.

To take advantage of this offer simply print out this page and take it with you when going to the fishing.

Leigh Sinton Fishing Lakes - opening times for the 2013 Season

The Lakeside Tackle and Bait Shop will open as normal on Saturdays and Sundays only from 9.00am until 2.00pm whilst The Lakeside Cafe will open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during March from 9.00am until 2.00pm. From Easter onwards the cafe will open everyday as normal although opening hours may vary slightly dependent on weather conditions.

The fishery is now open seven days a week from 7.30am until dusk and until 9.00pm once daylight allows. Please also see for the latest information, events and updates from the fishery.

Download Leigh Sinton's brochure by clicking hereDownload Leigh Sinton's brochure

Leigh Sinton has a new fishery brochure. If you would like to download a .pdf copy, just click on the photograph to the left.

(As the brochure is 6Mb in size it may take a little time to download so be patient!)

Leigh Sinton Fishery in the shadow of the Malvern HillsPart of a 260-acre Christmas Tree farm which supplies major garden centres and supermarkets throughout the UK, Leigh Sinton Fishery comprises a mix of three landscaped former irrigation pools, a lake which opened in June 2000 to celebrate the Millennium and a new specimen carp lake and match lake which opened in 2006.

The waters provide mainly carp, roach and chub fishing in an attractive setting at the foot of the Malvern Hills just outside the village of Leigh Sinton between Worcester and Malvern. The fishery is clean and well-maintained and within easy reach of the M5 motorway.

The cafe at Leigh Sinton FisheryThere is car parking near the three original lakes and around the two new waters and Badgers Brook at the bottom end of the fishery.

The Lakeside Cafe (left and below), is open seven days a week except in winter from 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday and from 8.00am until 6.00pm Saturdays and Sundays for the sale of hot and cold snacks, hot and cold drinks, all-day full breakfasts, burgers, chips, cobs/rolls and sandwiches. The cafe now has its own website which can be found at

The cafe at Leigh Sinton FisheryIn addition, anglers can also purchase jacket potatoes, breakfast sandwiches, ice-creams, crisps and chocolate bars.

A pre-order and phone-orders service is avaliable by telephoning Pam on 0795 1071762. To see the menu please click here.

Match Secretaries can reserve pegs by ringing 01886 832305 or faxing 01886 833446. Booking forms are also available from the fishery.

Another nice Leigh Sinton carpWhen booking a match, the fishery needs to know the club name, the date of the competition, the pool and number of pegs required.

The fishery is suitable for most disabled anglers, but children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Although there are few rules, anglers should not use hempseed, floating bread or high protein baits. All anglers must have their own landing nets which should be dipped for 10 minutes. There is a maximum permitted hook size of Size 10.

Another nice Leigh Sinton fishMatch anglers must use two keepnets, one for carp and the other for silver fish, and fish over 6lbs should be weighed immediately and returned to the water. 

Unusually for a fishery, anglers should purchase their day ticket from a coin-operated machine which can be found in the main car park next to the cafe and tackle shop.

Anglers who do not pay in advance at the pay station are charged an additional £1.50 on the bankside.

Fishing the pole on BluebellVisitors are therefore advised to take the cost of their day-tickets in change. The new automated payment system accepts £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p coins and issues a ticket on payment of the correct fee.

Change for the coin operated machine and up-to-the-minute information on how the pools are fishing are available from the on-site cafe. Information on the fishing and peg availability can also be obtained by telephoning Gill Payne on 07908 961715 or 07798 533896 (mobiles).

In 2010 the venue saw its match record smashed yet again when an on-fire Mark Smith won the Sunday Open on Lake 2000 in July with an impressive 164lbs 14oz - more than double the weight of his nearest rival Malcolm Soul who came in with 74lbs 8oz. Third was Matt Hodges with 44lbs 6oz. Mark, who runs the Lakeside Tackle and Bait Shop at Leigh Sinton Fishery, fished paste 18 inches deep close in to the margins for his record breaking catch.

Another nice Leigh Sinton fish Another nice Leigh Sinton fish Another nice Leigh Sinton fish

2013 Opening Times

All year round - seven days a week Gates open 7.30am and locked at 9.00pm

2013 Ticket Prices

Ticket type
Day Tickets (Mon - Fri)
Day Tickets (Sat - Sun)
Mon - Fri Half-day Tickets (after 2.00pm)
Sat - Sun Half-day Tickets (after 2.00pm)
Evening Tickets (after 5.00pm)

Arrangements can be made for the gates to be opened earlier than 7.30am
for parties of four anglers or more - please telephone 01886 832305
or 07798 533896 to arrange this.
Night fishing is not allowed and juniors must be accompanied by an adult who is fishing,
additional rods - £1.00

Match Fishing at Leigh Sinton

Match Secretaries can reserve pegs or book a lake by ringing 01886 832305 or faxing 01886 833446. Booking forms are also available from the fishery. When booking a match, the fishery needs to know the club name, the date of the competition, the pool and number of pegs required. The costs of booking an entire lake are outlined below.

Lake 2000
Paddock/Woodland Pools
Bluebell Pool
27 Pegs
28 Pegs
23 Pegs
£130.00 each

Please Note: A deposit of £25 is required when booking matches with the
balance to be paid 14 days before the event unless alternative arrangements are made

A small Woodland Pool carp at Leigh Sinton Farm Fishery Woodland Specimen Carp Pool

Woodland Pool is Leigh Sinton's new Specimen Carp water which has been stocked with fish to just under 30lbs and is similar in construction to its new neightbour Paddock Pool.

Although the water has not been officially pegged it is already proving popular with carp anglers and generally fishes well with no particular hot spots. To date specimens have been caught from all parts of the water.

Enjoying Woodland Pool carp at Leigh Sinton Farm FisheryOne of the main features of Woodland is a shallow two to four-foot deep ledge which runs out from the bank nearest Paddock Pool. This part of the water can account for decent catches as the fish tend to bask in the shallower water during warmer periods.

The outlook for this water is very positive as so far the fish have always breeds well - a good sign of a healthy fishing environment. 

The new Paddock Pool at Leigh Sinton Farm Fishery Paddock Pool

Built in 2003, Paddock Pool is Leigh Sinton's most recent pool and is between eight and 10 feet in depth with a central island. Car parking is available beside the 28 slabbed pegs which are well spaced with 10 to 11 yards between each peg.

Stocked with carp to 17lbs and good sized roach, Paddock Pool is ideal for both pleasure and club match anglers and has already become Leigh Sinton's most popular match venue having yielding impressive match weights of up to 100lbs.

A match on Leigh Sinton's new Paddock PoolSo far the most productive pegs have tended to be those on the side nearest the cafe and tackle shop at the bottom of the slope. The pegs by the water entry pipe are also very popular as the fish tend to congregate here searching for food soming through the pipe.

The murkiness of the water shows there is already a good head of feeding fish in the water and as with Woodland Pool both the carp and roach have bred well since the pool was stocked.

Leigh Sinton celebrated the Millennium with Lake 2000 Lake 2000

The first pool you come to on the right hand side as you enter the fishery, Lake 2000 was built in 1999 and opened in June 2000 to celebrate the Millenium.

Similar in character to the other Leigh Sinton Farm waters, Lake 2000 is bowl shaped and shelves steeply from the sides to a maximum of about 20 ft in depth. It is becoming increasingly popular with both day ticket and match anglers, already rivalling the success of both Bluebell Wood Pool and Kingfisher Pool.

Lake 2000 is stocked mainly with good sized carp and roach and has 27 pegs whilst additional fishing for up to six anglers is available from the grassed pier section which allows access to the more central parts of the lake for anglers wanting to fish on the bottom for the bigger fish.

Celebrating the Millennium with Lake 2000During the summer months the pool is aerated by an attractive waterfall which comes down from Kingfisher Pool and this is obviously an area where the fish congregate and feed in warmer weather.

Elsewhere, because there is little marginal plant growth, Lake 2000 tends to fish best about six to 10 feet out from the bank. Bowl shaped again.

The lake's construction involved the excavation of a large waste area which had to be removed before soil excavation could start. To get to Lake 2000, go up the main farm track and the new water is immediately on your right-hand side as you approach the fishery car-park.

Pretty to look at and plenty of fishBluebell Wood Pool

The pool nearest to the cafe and car park, the 23-peg Bluebell Wood Pool was the first of the Leigh Sinton waters to be opened for fishing and paved the way for the development of the other waters as the fishery became increasingly popular with both pleasure and match anglers.

Bluebell Wood is bowl shaped with up to 20 feet of water being found in the centre and as much as six feet just a rod length out with the water gradually deepening the further out you go.

Bluebell Lake from the near bankIts depth has an advantage as it enables the fish to grow to a decent size and although the average stamp of mirrors and commons is in the 3lbs to 4lbs range, fish up to 23lbs have been caught in this pool.

Stocked mainly with roach to 2lbs, tench and a reasonable head of carp, Bluebell Wood Pool also holds chub to 5lbs and perch to 2lbs. It usually fishes better in the margins with the most popular pegs being by the overflow pipes. For some reason it tends to fish harder the further out you go.

Existing stocks were supplemented over the 2008/2009 winter with the addition of good numbers of six to eight inch tench and bream.

Maggots and caster usually do wellA good all-round silver fish pool, particularly for those who have not fished Leigh Sinton before, Bluebell Wood is usually much murkier in colour than the other waters, particularly when the large fish circle around bed of pool grubbing in the bottom for food.

Anglers after the roach use pole or traditional rod-fished float techniques either high in the water or on the bottom. Many of the bigger fish tend to come from the deep parts of the water, so sliding float or legering is often worth a try.

Fishing close in does well on BluebellWhen it comes to baits, maggots and casters are good all-round baits with casters being particularly effective for the roach and chub. Because boilies and other high-protein baits are not allowed, carp anglers tend to use meat, sweetcorn or trout-pellet paste on the bottom. However, anglers should note that floating baits are not allowed. Another highly successful bait is worm.

Ever since it opened, Bluebell Wood has been one of Leigh Sinton's most popular match waters.

Kingfisher Pool - larger and deeperKingfisher Pool

Regarded by many Leigh Sinton regulars as being a little harder to fish than Bluebell Pool, the 31-peg Kingfisher Pool is stocked mainly with larger carp and good sized roach to over 2lbs. The biggest carp caught so far was a common which came in at 34lbs whilst the water is known to hold mirrors to 28lbs and ghost carp to 25lbs.

Most anglers who fish Kingfisher go for size rather than quantity when it comes fishing for the carp with both traditional and modern carping techniques both working well.

Remember to take a larger landing net!Unlike Bluebell Wood Pool, the water in Kingfisher is much clearer and as a result fishing the margins is more difficult. Although there is 20 feet of water in the centre of the pool there is also a shallow plateau on the corner nearest to the access road to the fishery.

Anglers fishing for the roach and silver fish should go for 2lb to 3lb line strength whilst those after the carp are recommended to use a minmimum 8lb line.

The most popular pegs tend to be those along the bank nearest the access road to the fishery where it is slightly more sheltered.

Often overlooked - but well worth a visitBadgers Brook

Smaller than the other Leigh Sinton waters, Badgers Brook is the least fished of all the waters at the venue and is popular with anglers who want complete peace and quiet with the added benefit of having its own car park beside the pool.

A naturally fed reservoir with a maximum depth of about 25 feet, it offers 15 well-spaced pegs and holds a good stock of mirror, common and leather carp to double figures, some good sized roach and mid-sized tench, bream and rudd.

Leigh Sinton's Badgers Brook is up to 20 feet deepBadgers Brook fishes brilliantly all around the margins, which drop sharply to the bottom, and near the trees which grow in the water. The fish also tend to bask under the shelter of the tree where they overshadow the water. Try the two pegs on each side of the trees if they are free.

Stocked with some very large carp, Badgers Brook is a good test for more experienced anglers whilst decent bags of bream to 4lbs are reguarly taken. 

Click on the map for a full-size versionMap of the fishery layout

To view a full size simplified map of the fishery layout showing the location of the lakes, cafe, pay machine, net dips, tackle shop and parking areas, please click on the small version to the right.

How to get there...

Map showing location of Leigh Sinton Farm FisheryLeaving the M5 at Junction 7, follow the signs for Hereford and get onto the A4103 before turning left onto the B4503 just before the village of Leigh Sinton.

Leigh Sinton Farm is on the right about a mile down this road. After turning into the farm follow the track up to the fishery.

Click on the map for a more detailed map showing the location of Leigh Sinton Fishery.

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