Lakeside Fishery
Lakeside Fishery

Wolvey Road
LE10 3JB

Tel: 07808 562095 (Bailiff)
or 01455 633016 (Office)

Old estate lakes hold a peculiar fascination for many anglers and Lakeside Fishery between Coventry and Hinckley is no exception. Delightful to look at and even better to fish, it is believed to date back more than 500 years to times when monks first developed the water to breed and rear carp for the table.

A typical old estate lakeAlthough the monastery has long since disappeared the lake remains, and with its three central island crowned by weeping willows, open banks down one side and 14 acres of woodland down its other three sides, Lakeside provides a delightful setting for a day's fishing or longer stay.

Believed to be the head of the River Soar which flows north to the Trent and then to the Humber Estuary, Lakeside has been run as a day-ticket fishery for nearly 20 years but has never been promoted or developed for angling until the last few years.

Lakeside is believed to be more than 500 years oldAlthough the fishery now often becomes busy at weekend and Bank Holidays in summer, for the remainder of the time it is usually fairly quiet, and at eight-and-a-half acres in size and with more than 50 pegs there is plenty of water to go at.

More recently Lakeside has become renowned as a carp water with good sized mirror carp to 32lbs, commons to 28lbs and crucians to over 4lbs. Despite this its potential as a day ticket pleasure water shold not be underestimated, holding as it does good stocks of decent sized silver fish including roach to over 2lbs, perch to over 3lbs, bream between 4lbs and 6lbs which have shown well in recent years, rudd, ide and tench.

A former carp pool for the monksLakeside has few rules. Indeed, all it asks is that groundbait is used in moderation, that anglers use barbless hooks and use unhooking mats for the larger fish. Keepnets are no longer allowed except in matches. All anglers must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence available for inspection.

The fishery is open from 6.00am until 6.00pm for day ticket angling and night fishing is allowed from 6.00pm until 6.00am by prior arrangement with and at the discretion of the on-site bailiff who can be contacted direct on 07808 562095. Disabled anglers may park their vehicles behind their peg if they display a blue badge.

Follow the link for a larger imageIn addition to day and night tickets, which must be obtained from the cabin before fishing, Lakeside offers an annual membership at £220.00 for adults (first year only) and £144.00 for OAPs aged 65 and over, Juniors under 14 and the disabled.

Membership runs for 12 months from the date of issue and in the case of adult members can be paid for either in total or by four monthly installments of £55.00. Members renewing for a second or subsequent year are charged £200.00 - which again can be paid in four installments. Please contact the fishery for details.

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Some nice Lakeside carp

Opening Times - Day Tickets

Summer - March 14 to October 14
6.00am until 6.00pm
Sunrise to sunset

Opening Times - Night Tickets

Summer - March 14 to October 14
6.00pm until 6.00am
Sunset to sunrise

2018 Ticket Costs
(Day tickets are valid from 6.00am - 6.00pm)
(12-hour night tickets are valid from 6.00pm - 6.00am)

OAP/Juniors and Disabled
Day tickets
Match Ticket
(minimum 10 anglers)
Night Ticket
(12 hours)
Night Ticket
(24 hours)
Night Ticket
(36 hours)
12 month membership
£220.00 (new members)
£200.00 (renewals)

Although anglers may be asked to provide evidence for disabled concessionary rates
Ticket prices includes one non-fishing spectator.
Please contact the office on 01455 633016 for match bookings
Annual memberships can be paid in four monthly installments (details from the bailiff).
Night fishing is by prior arrangement only.
12-hour night tickets are valid from 6.00pm to 6.00am in summer and sunset to sunrise in winter.

The left hand bank fringes open fieldsLakeside

Whilst Lakeside holds a variety of big fish including mirrors to 30lbs, commons to 28lbs and pike to 20lbs, its head of Old English true crucians are perhaps most noteworthy with specimens known to run to over 4lbs. The water also holds good stocks of roach to over 2lbs as well as bream, perch, ide and tench.

One of the nice things about the Lakeside fish its that they are always in good condition, and even the small roach shine with silver, their red fins and eyes adding a dash of colour. The crucians are a lovely burnished bronze, and even the small 1lb fish fight with the determination and guile of the much bigger commons and mirrors.

Eight-years-old Racine Liddle from Hinckley with a small Lakeside CommonA good example of a decent net was taken by local angler and Lakeside regular Richard Golby early in 2003 when he netted 46 crucians, all of them over 1lb, using a seven metre pole, size 16s hook and 1lb 8oz breaking strain line. Throughout his six hours of fishing Richard loose fed small amounts of maggots to keep the fish going, although casters, pellets and bread make equally good baits on their day.

However, despite the head of good sized crucians - the average fish now comes out at 2lbs - it is mainly the mirror and common carp which most anglers fish for. Whilst these run to the 30lb mark, there is a good head of fish over 20lbs and many more up to 20lbs. This makes Lakeside an attractive and worthwhile place to visit if you are looking for mid-sized carp.

Lily beds and pondweed aboundIn addition there are plenty of bream to 4lbs-6lbs plus, some tench believed to top 4lbs, pike known to go to 28lbs, plenty of roach and rudd to 2lbs and some ide.

For the most part the lake is fairly shallow, making it a good float fishing venue, with only a foot and a half to two being being found at the entrance end and a maximun of four feet throughout much of the lake with the exception of along the dam wall at the far end where up to six or seven feet of water can be found.

Getting stuck in to a Lakeside carpMost anglers fishing for the carp tend to head for the far end of the lake and fish from Pegs 13 to 40. The majority fish up to three rods on the bottom with hair-rigged boilies, loose feeding particles, pellets and pigeon conditioner which seems to work particularly well on this water.

Pop-up boilies are favoured by many anglers with about a foot of tail between the weight and the bait being left my most anglers.

While the ubiquitous pole is always popular for non-carp specialists, the waggler is also a favoured method. Anglers fishing these techniques tend to use maggots, sweetcorn, pellets and carp pellet paste, although those fishing maggots should be prepared to wade through the inevitable small fish until the bigger specimens push them out of the swim.

Plenty of features to fish toWhilst fishing on the bottom usually pays dividends, float anglers must be prepared to experiment if they are not catching, not only with different baits but also by fishing at different depths until they find the fish.

If the fish aren't taking on the bottom, many anglers fish a couple of inches off the bottom and if this doesn't work try fishing a foot or so deep to catch those cruising near the surface.

As with many waters it also pays to feed little and regular. Whilst groundbait is allowed it is best used in moderation initially to attract the fish into the swim. They can then be held there by loose feeding particles and hook samples.

How to get there...

Lakeside Fishery lies between Hinckley and Coventry just off the M69 motorway/A5 Trunk Road. Leaving the M69 at Junction 1, or the A5 at the motorway junction roundabout, take the B4109 towards Wolvey. The entrance to Lakeside is signposted on the left about a half a mile down this road. The car park and bailiff's cabin can be found at the end of the track.

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