Ian Heaps Premier Fishery in WalesIan Heaps Premier Fisheries

Holgan Farm
SA67 8DJ

Tel: 07796 517586 (mobile)

Ian Heaps Premier Fishery in WalesEasy access to all 90 pegs at Ian Heaps Premier Fisheries

Offering a total of 90 pegs, the fishery has three car parks one for each lake - with lawned walkways 12 to 15 feet wide leading to gentle slopes between the lakes where there are comfortable fishing platforms

Ian Heaps Premier Fishery in WalesSet in idyllic surroundings, the lakes are beautifully landscaped with thousands of flowers, plants and shrubs. Yellow Flag Iris, Bull Rushes, variegated grasses and lilies abound. Lush growth covers all margins, giving excellent bank side cover.

Ian has created a first-class fishery and for the non-fishing visitors, a botanical jewel set in the heart of Pembrokeshire where you can stroll amongst the greenery and colour.

Ian Heaps Premier Fishery in WalesFor the angler, Ian Heaps is a delightful place to fish in summer - well worth the drive down the South Wales motorway and beyond.

The bankside blaze of colour is matched by a profusion of flowering lilies in several different colours whilst along the waters edge there is a profusion of trees, shrubs and plants.

When we visited the venue in late August we even found beautiful calla lilies, pictured below right, in full bloom amongst the bankside vegetation.

Ian Heaps Premier Fishery in WalesWhilst it may all sound very artificial the result is actually very natural looking, making it one of the most pleasant fisheries in the UK to pass away the hours.

Indeed, we are looking forward to next year when we can spend more time at the fishery and actually get down to catching some of those glorious commons, mirrors, crucians and tench... and to picking up some valuable tips from Ian about how we can improve our catch rate!

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