A cracking day out on Buzzard Pool at Hoar Park FisheryJersey Wood Fishery
(formerly Hoar Park Fishery)

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All change at Hoar Park Fishery...

It's all change at Nuneaton's Hoar Park Fishery following the return of fishery manager and angling coach Chay Jackson. Not only has the name changed to Jersey Wood Fishery but three new pools have been opened including a Specimen Carp lake which has been stocked with fish 30lbs and is shortly to receive a head of catfish.

Buzzard Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryJersey Wood Fishery offers a total of five waters, two small, secluded and attractive pools, a new Spoecimen Carp Lake with fish to 30lbs, a new Match Lake and a new on a 141-acre working farm which incorporates a shopping and craft village, children's farm, garden center and award winning cafe/restaurant. The pools can be found away from the main centre of activity a short drive down a track which leads off to the left as you enter the main car park.

Dug in the early 1990s to make use of a boggy piece of ground which acted as a trap for combine harvesters and other heavy machinery, the pools offer day ticket fishing from 8.00am until dusk and night fishing on a 24-hour ticket. During construction it was found that the site was kept wet by two natural springs which now ensure a constant supply of fresh water for both pools.

Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryAlthough the pools are fairly small - one is an acre, the other three quarters of an acre - they hold some decent sized fish including common and mirror carp to 25lbs and some good bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch.

The biggest fish to come out in 2012 was a 23lb 8oz common which was taken from Buzzard Pool (right) by a Jersey Wood regular with his eight-year-old son whilst float fishing a piece of luncheon meat on the bottom.

Shops surround the courtyard at Jersey Wood FisheryThe facilities at Jersey Wood mean the venue is ideal for families. Near to the main car park is a courtyard of 17th Century barns which have been converted into about a dozen retail and craft outlets which vary from an antique shop to a specialist chocolatier selling home made chocolate, a shop selling dolls' house furniture to a saddlery and even a golfing equipment shop.

The Children's Farm offers youngsters the opportunity to get close to deer, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry whilst the award winning cafe/restaurant serves a range of hot and cold food and drinks including breakfasts, lunches, paninis, sandwiches, jacket potatoes with an assortment of fillings and assorted light meals.

Another shot of Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryThe cafe/restaurant also offers a food delivery service to anglers at their pegs.

Jersey Wood is an informal fishery where there are few rules with the exception that keepnets can only be used in matches or at the fishery manager's discretion and that anglers should use barbless hooks.

Anglers should purchase their tickets at the lodge by Buzzard Pool before fishing.

Although the shops are closed on Mondays, the fishery, cafe, garden center and Children's Farm are open every day of the week.

The Chay Jackson Angling Academy

Jersey Wood Fishery Manager Chay Jackson runs one of the longest established angling academies in the country which has been featured on national TV and radio many times over the years.

The academy offers courses for all ages, abilities and all disciplines of angling. All the coaches coaches are CRB checked, First Aid trained to Level Two and registered with the Angling Trust. For more information on the Academy Follow this link.

2013 Ticket costs

Ticket type
Juniors under 14, OAP, disabled
Day Ticket (Dawn until dusk)
£6.00 (max two rods)
£10.00 on Carp Lake
£4.00 (max two rods)
£6.00 on Carp Lake
Carp Lake 24-hour Ticket

Membership entitles anglers to night fishing and priority on swim booking
Juniors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult
Day ticket fees are collected on the bank
Any junior angler aged between eight and 15 who has graduated through the
Angling Academy will have free fishing on selected pools

There's plenty of bankside cover on Buzzard Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryBuzzard Pool

About an acre in size, Buzzard Pool is the larger of the two Jersey Wood Fishery waters and has a total of 17 pegs. Linear in shape, it is narrow at the entrance end near the car park opening out along its length to a large basin at the far end.

Holding common and mirror carp to at least 25lbs and averaging between 8lbs and 10lbs, it is also home to a good head of bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch.

A peg half way down PoolThe largest fish to have been caught in summer 2012 was a 23lb 8oz common carp which was taken off the dam wall between Buzzard and Kestrel Pool by a Jersey Wood regular and his eight-year-old son float fishing pork luncheon meat on the bottom.

In addition to the common and mirror carp, Buzzard Pool is also home to a large ghost carp known as 'The Turbo' which has been hooked several times but has never been landed.

A nice peg at the far end of Buzzard PoolAnother big fish was caught by an angler who subsequently earned the nickname 'The Tyreman' because he thought he had snagged a tyre when he first hooked the fish. Although he went on to successfully land it, the fish was never weighed although witnesses claim it was well into the 20s.

Buzzard Pool also made the headlines in the local paper 'The Tamworth Herald' when eight-years-old Rosie Smith went fishing for the first time in her life. Equipped only with a whip she fished a single maggot - and landed a 16lb mirror carp.

Looking back up Buzzard Pool from the far endLined with plenty of bankside vegetation and beds of lilies in the pool itself, Buzzard has banks which shelve steeply at the sides to a bottom which is only two-and-a-half feet deep near the entrance shelving gradually to six feet at the far end, making it an easy water for pole or waggler fishing.

Around the margins up to four feet out about three to four feet of water can be found and this is often where the best fishing is to be had on either pole or waggler, although many anglers also enjoy fishing the centre of the pool.

Looking across Buzzard Pool at Jersey Wood FisherySurprisingly for a water of its size, most anglers also tend to fish fairly heavy because the fish are not line shy, using 10lb to 15lb line and Size 10 to 14s hooks.

Favoured baits vary greatly with more traditional maggots, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and sweet flavoured boilies such as Strawberry flavour being popular.

Having said that, other anglers are surprisingly successful with more exotic and unusual baits such as marzipan and a variety of cheese baits.

Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryKestrel Pool

The furthest pool from the car park, Kestrel Pool is a square shaped water with rounded corners and 10 well spaced concrete pegs.

As with Buzzard Pool there is again plenty of bankside vegetation to provide cover for anglers, although this water has only one bed of lilies which can be found in the far left hand corner as you come onto the pool.

Fishing the far end of Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryNot quite as large as Buzzard at about three-quarters of an acre in size, it again has steep banks which go virtually straight down to a flat and even bottom six feet deep, although there is an eight-feet deep sump in the centre of the lake which is about 12 feet square and worth finding in colder weather as the fish often hold up in this deeper area.

Kestrel is again an easy water to fish on pole or waggler although some anglers tend to opt for the swimfeeder or Method Feeder, particularly when fishing further out or in the deeper water.

Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryKestrel again holds a good stamp of fish, although the carp tend not to run as large as in Buzzard Pool with the commons and mirrors going to about 13lbs. Whilst these fish may not be as large as those in Buzzard Pool they give a good account of themselves and have earned a reputation as solid hard fighting fish which shouldn't be taken for granted.

Kestrel also holds good stocks of silver fish with tench and roach to over 1lb as well as rudd, bream and perch. A good silver fish water, particularly in winter when carp can tend to be less active, Kestrel regularly throws up bags of silver fish to over 20lbs in a sitting.

Kestrel Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryAnglers fishing the shallower water around the edges generally opt for the pole or waggler with the swimfeeder or Method feeder being good for fishing the deep hole in the centre of the lake.

As with Buzzard, virtually anything goes when it comes to baits with most anglers again sticking to traditional offerings such as maggots, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and sweet flavoured boilies. Although few anglers bother to fish worm in favour of 'easier' more convenient baits, they are well worth a try whichever species of fish you are after.

The new Harry's Pool at Jersey Wood FisheryHarry's Pool

Harry's Pool is just under an acre in size and is another of former growing on pool for carp. Up to nine feet deep in places, Harry's has a gravel bar which runs along the length of the pool giving about three feet of water on top of it. The pool is currently stocked with around between 20,000 and 25,000 carp between 3lbs and 11lbs.

It is planned to add some tench and bream to fish stocks to add to the variety of fish which can be caught in the pool.

Access to Harry's and Daisy's Pools is 50 yards further down the road from the Hoar Park entrance, however anglers must purchase their tickets from the temporary building by Buzzard Pool before fishing.

The Bowl match pool at Jersey Wood FisheryThe Bowl

The bowl is Jersey Wood's brand new 60 peg match lake which holds extensive stocks of carp between 3lbs and 8lbs, chub to 4lbs as well as good heads of crucian carp, roach and tench.

The lake was designed with match fishing in mind and has average depths of between five and eight feet. Dug about two years ago, the pool is currently undergoing an extensive planting programme with lily beds, iris and reed mace being planted. The fishery is also planting some 200 fast growing quickthorn trees around the lake to provide a barrier and shelter.

Fish refuges have also been installed and will be planted in due course with native British water plants. These will give smaller species of fish such as roach, rudd and crucians a shelter to avoide predation from cormorants and herons.

The new Specimen Carp Lake at Jersey Wood FisheryDaisy's Specimen Carp Lake

A former growing on pool, the new Daisy's Pool Specimen Carp Lake is just under two acres in size and has never been fished before. Ranging between four feet and 16 feet deep, it has two islands.

The pool is currently undergoing an extensive planting scheme with lilies, irises, reed mace and Quickthorn trees being planted in and around the water's edge. It currently holds 35 double figure Horseshoe/Orchid Lake strain of common and mirror carp from 10lbs to 15lbs and 20 carp between 13lbs and 20lbs which have been chosen for their attractive scale patterns and growth rates.

The new Specimen Carp Lake at Jersey Wood FisheryAll these fish are from the venue's own growing-on ponds.

Stocks will be further supplemented with the addition of five carp between 24lbs and 28lbs and one 30lb plus specimen to provide a good quality runs water. The fishery has also been granted a licence to stock 10 small eight to 15lb Wels catfish.

Fishing Daisy's will be restricted to four anglers at any one time due with a maximum of two rods per angler and booking is essential.

Access to Harry's and Daisy's Pools is 50 yards further down the road from the Hoar Park entrance, however anglers must purchase their tickets from the temporary building by Buzzard Pool before fishing.

Jersey Wood's website
Visit Jersey Wood on the Net

Jersey Wood Fishery has a new website which includes information and photographs on all aspects of the venue including details of the rules, latest prices, information on the Chay Jackson's Angling Academy, updates on news and events at the fishery and a photo gallery are available. Click here to visit their website.

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailJersey Wood (formerly Hoar Park) Fishery can be found on the main B4114 between Coleshill and Nuneaton some 15 minutes from Coleshill, Coventry and Nuneaton and 20 to 25 minutes from Solihull, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Hinckley and Birmingham.

Anglers travelling from further afield should take the M6 and on leaving the motorway at Junction 4, heading north towards Coleshill and Lichfield. Go straight over the first roundabout and then take first right crossing the dual carriageway to Coleshill. Drive through the centre of Coleshill and as you come down the hill in the town take there is a cross roads. Take the right hand turn onto the B4114 and drive through Shustoke and Church End until you come to the cross roads with the B4098 at Furnace End. Turn right here onto the 4098 and after you leave Over Whitacre take the left hand turn onto the B4114 signed Nuneaton. You will see the entrance to Hoar Park on the left a short drive down this road. Tracks to the pools are signed from the main car park.

Access to Harry's and Daisy's Pools is 50 yards further down the road from the Hoar Park entrance, however anglers must purchase their tickets from the temporary building by Buzzard Pool before fishing.

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