Furnace Mill Fishery
Furnace Mill Fishery

Wyre Forest
near Kidderminster
DY14 8NR

Tel: Ed or Jane Brown on 01299 266777

Furnace Mill changes opening times

Furnace Mill is closed for angling and rifle range shooting on Mondays and Tuesdays with the exception of Bank Holidays. The air rifle range is open from 9.00am on Wednesday until Sunday.

Take an angling break in Furnace Mill's Willow Lodge

Furnace Mill is now offering angling breaks in its tastefully equipped lakeside Willow Lodge.

Offering accommodation for up to four people, the Scandanavian-style lodge has a lounge/kitchen, two bedrooms, shower room with toilet and wash handbasin, car parking and a patio overlooking the lake. A special feature of the lodge is that residents have a substantial part of Willow Pool reserved exclusively for their own use. Follow this link for more information and photographs.

Furnace Mill hits the mark as a 'stripey superwater'

Ian Ward showed that Furnace Mill has become a 'Stripey Superwater' when he landed this brace of fine perch whilst fishing chopped worm tipped with caster on Mucky Meadow. Click on the photograph for a larger image.

The fish weighed in at 4lbs 10oz and 4lbs 2oz and followed the lake's stocking of more than 60 perch to 4lb 12oz to cater for the growing number of anglers who want an alternative to carp and to provide even better year-round fishing. The stocked fish were split equally between the fishery's Mucky Meadow and Furnace pools.

Furnace Mill introduces big carp and night fishing

Fishery owner Ed Brown with a nice 24lb common ghostoe cross stocked into Mucky MeadowFurnace Mill has introduced some big common and common-cross-ghost carp into Mucky Meadow, the biggest being this nice 24lb common ghost cross which weighed 24lbs. Similar sized common carp have also been introduced into the water. Click on the photograph for a larger image.

The venue now also allows night fishing. Available by prior arrangement only, costs are £20.00 for 24 hours, £30.00 for 36 hours and £35.00 for 48 hours. Anglers are permitted to use two rods.

Furnace Mill on target with woodland shooting ranges

One of the new pinking ranges at Furnace Mill

To meet an increasing demand for air rifle target shooting in the UK, Furnace Mill owner Ed Brown has opened a new 30-target and a 15 target 'mini course' air rifle shooting range in woodland across the stream from the fishery.

Complete with 'plinking' or zeroing range where shooters can adjust their sights, the new ranges have been set out to Hunter Field Target competition standard which offers a fun, challenging and competitive sport for all the family. The fishery also offers a selection of accessories and pellets in the on-site tackle shop. The ranges are open seven days a week.

Matt Hayes with a nice Furnace Mill commonDescribed in a 'Match Fishing' article as "Red Hot Furnace Mill" and reputedly one of Matt Hayes' favourite day-ticket coarse fisheries, Furnace Mill is set in some of the most attractive countryside in the Midlands.

Comprising four pools on a 27-acre woodland site in the heart of the Wyre Forest, Furnace Mill is about eight miles from Bewdley and 10 miles from Kidderminster.

The mill itself was an old corn mill, whilst the furnace from which it takes its name was used to make canon balls during the English Civil war.

The fishing lodge at Furnace Mill FisheryOn-site facilities include a car park and toilets plus a new fishing lodge where anglers should purchase their day tickets before starting to fish.

The lodge sells a range of hot and cold drinks and confectionery whilst between 10.00am and noon midweek and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays, breakfasts and hot sandwiches are also available. Hot food and other options can also be arranged for club matches and corporate events.

The new fishing lodge at Furnace Mill FisheryThe new fishing lodge is now also stocking an increasing range of baits and tackle including pellets, paste, groundbait, maggots, casters, hemp, worms, meat, macaroni, catmeat, corn and flavourings. There is also the facility for payments to be made by debit and credit cards. It is also extending its range of fishing rods, reels, poles and other accessories as well as a range of equipment for those using its shooting range which is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the country's leading air rifle target shooting venues.

Fishing Furnace Pool at Furnace Mill FisheryMost of the pegs are accessible for disabled anglers and there is only one part of the fishery which is not accessible for wheelchairs.

As well as welcoming individual pleasure anglers, club contest bookings and regular open matches, Furnace Mill also stages Corporate Days which are tailored to individual company needs. The catering for these events can range from providing breakfasts, snacks or barbecues to organising events in fully equipped marquees. In addition, the fishery also gives angling tuition on an individual or group basis as required

Kev Johnson with part of his Furnace Mill match record catchThe Furnace Mill match record was set at 284lbs 6oz by Kidderminster's Kev Johnson, pictured left with part of his catch. Fishing Mucky Meadow, Kev pole fished pellet and maggot for a predominantly all carp catch, beating the previous match record of 255lb 12oz which was set by local angler Paul Cook from Stourport whilst fishing Peg 72 on Willow Pool.

Click on Kev's photograph for a larger version.

A nice Mucky Meadow carp from Furnace Mill FisheryAlthough Furnace Mill holds matches, at least 20 pegs are always reserved for pleasure anglers, even during their busiest times.

The fishery has few bait bans with the exception that artificial baits should not be used. Anglers fishing pellets, paste and boilies should use only those which are purchased at the fishery to prevent potential dietry problems for the fish. These are sold in 1kg bags in the fishing lodge at a price which equates to prices charged at local tackle shops.

Mill Pool at Furnace Mill FisheryFurnace Mill also offers a two rod ticket and has relaxed its rules on the use of groundbait. Anglers can now use Sonubaits and The Angling Bait Company's groundbait whether bought from local tackle dealers or the fishery.

Whatever the reason for your visit to Furnace Mill, it is always worth having a chat with Ed Brown, himself a very experienced angler, who will give help and up-to-the-minute advice to ensure you have a rewarding day.

2020 ticket costs

Day Tickets
All day
£9.00 (one rod)
£12.50 (two rods)
£8.00 (one rod)
£11.50 (two rods)
Half-day Tickets
Four hours before close

Opening Times

April 1 to September 30
October 1 to March 31
Wednesday - Sunday
8.00am - 7.00pm
8.00am - dusk

Closing times can vary slightly in summer but are marked at the entrance.
Anglers should pack up when the siren is sounded

Big Furnace Mill eels come to the net

Scott Reynolds with his 5lb 2oz eel

Proving that Furnace Mill is a diverse fishery, two good sized eels have been taken from Furnace Pool, the biggest of which weighed in at an impressive 7lbs 8oz. Similar sized fish are also believed to be in Mill Pool.

This was followed at the beginning of August when Kingwinsford angler Scott Reynolds, pictured right, landed a 5lb 2oz specimen whilst enjoying a night fishing session. Both eels were taken on large lobworm baits. Click on Scott's photograph for a larger image.

Pegs are sheltered from other anglersFurnace Pool

One-and-a-half acres in size, Furnace Pool is the largest water at Furnace Mill with 30 pegs and an average depth of about six feet.

Linear in shape with a large rectangular pool at the entrance end and a basin near the car park, Furnace Pool offers a variety of outlooks with one end of the pool being out of sight from the other.

The bay near the entrance to the fisheryWith roach to just under 3lbs; bream averaging between two and four pounds but running up to 11lbs; tench averaging 1lb to 3lbs, crucian carp touching 4lbs and eels to over 7lbs.

The water also holds a good head of common, mirror and ghost carp averaging one-and-a-half to 4lbs with the largest mirrors and commons now running to 20lbs.

Furnace Pool also holds decent numbers of barbel and ide.

A peg on the far bank near the fishing lodge endThe most popular methods for fishing Furnace Pool are pole or rod-fished waggler with the fish usually being caught at varying depths throughout the summer when many of the bigger catches fall to anglers fishing close into the margins where the bankside vegetation provides plenty of cover.

In winter, as can be expected, the fish tend to stay on the bottom in the deeper water, although they are caught higher up on bright, sunnier days.

Enjoying summer sunshine on Furnace Pool at Furnace Mill FisheryAlthough pellets and paste, which can be purchased at the fishery, are good all year round, other baits vary according to the time of year.

In summer, casters, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, red maggots and floating bread, dog biscuits and pellets are usually the most successful whilst winter favourites include maggots, worm and either bread punch or flake.

As with most waters, nearly all baits are usually most effective when fished over a bed of feeder pellets or hemp, the latter being especially productive when fished with luncheon meat on the hook.

Getting stuck in on Mucky MeadowMucky Meadow

Mucky Meadow - so named because the pool is on the site of a former marshy meadow adjacent to the stream which runs alongside the Furnace Mill site - is nowadays better known for its head of chub which provide exciting year-round sport for anglers, as well as its good stocks of common, mirror and ghost carp which provide exciting sport whatever the time of year.

A peg at the far end of Mucky MeadowThe chub are normally taken on shallow fished maggot on the waggler, quite often just below the surface in summer, and range in size from just over 1lb to about 4lbs.

Covering one-and-a-quarter acres, Mucky Meadow holds 24 comfortably spaced pegs and ranges in depth from about eight feet at the outlet end to four feet at the inlet. Overall, the average depth is about six feet, making it an easy water to fish on pole, waggler or swimfeeder.

Mucky Meadow is good for chubThe average sizes for the fish in Mucky Meadow are: roach up to 3lbs 6oz with plenty of fish between 12oz and 2lbs; tench around 3lbs with some over 5lbs; bream 3lbs to an impressive 11lbs; common carp and mirror carp averaging 6lbs; ghost carp to just over 15lbs; and crucian carp to about 3lbs.

The biggest roach to have come out of Mucky Meadow was taken by John Knight, fishing for Willow Creek in a Winter League match which was held on Easter Sunday. Fishing Peg 43 with Furnace Mill's 4mm expander pellets he landed a specimen which weighed in at 3lbs 6oz. A truly pristine fish.

Looking along Mucky Meadow at Furnace Mill FisheryThe biggest mirror carp now run to just under 30lbs whilst the biggest commons weigh a similar size and the biggest ghost carp around 15lbs. In addition, Mucky Meadow also holds some nice golden orfe, perch, rudd, barbel and ide. Mucky Meadow now holds the Furnace Mill venue record with Kev Johnson's 284lbs 6oz (see above).

Whilst most anglers use the pole or waggler, most methods tend to work well on Mucky Meadow and a lot of the carp are caught in the margins in summer. In winter, a small swim feeder or light lead are most effective. Best year-round baits are caster, maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and chopped worms for the bream.

Plenty of room to spread outWillow Pool

This one-acre pool with 20 pegs is, with Mill Pool, the smallest of the four Furnace Mill fisheries. Despite this, it is slightly deeper than the others with an average depth of seven feet falling to nine feet in the centre.

Whilst the stocking sizes, species and densities are much the same as for Furnace Pool, there are some larger carp in here with commons, mirrors and ghosties running to 25lbs. Having said that, the average size of the carp tends to be slightly smaller than in Furnace Pool.

Looking back towards the entrance end of Willow PoolWillow is a very mixed and productive pool holding roach, rudd, bream, perch, tench, barbel, orfe, ide and chub as well as the carp but despite this is fished less than Mucky Meadow or Purnace Pool as it is further away from the car park.

When fishing the right hand bank pegs 55 to 67, a lot of fish are caught very tight to the margins where there is a steep drop to a marginal shelf where the fish regularly patrol, particularly in the summer months when the water is warmer.

The near end bay on Willow PoolThe left hand bank pegs 68 to 74 have margins which slope straight down to the bottomof the pool. A lot of fish feed up and down this slope, so twitching the hook bait back against the slope works well.

Also, this side of the pool is slightly deeper, so fishing up in the water works well as the fish come up to compete for the loose feed which should be introduced regularly to keep them going.

Until 2017 Willow Pool held the Furnace Mill fishery match record with a 255lb 12oz catch taken by regular open angler Paul Cook.

Partially sheltered by treesMill Pool

Like Willow Pool, Mill Pool is a one-acre water with 20 pegs. Although it averages about five feet for much of its length, the bottom goes to seven feet at the inlet end.

Secluded and partially surrounded by trees, many anglers fail to see this water when they drive into the fishery and as a result it can often be a place for those who like to be on their own.

Looking towards the far end of Mill PoolThe narrower sections of the pool around pegs 75 to 78 and the shallower pegs 86 to 94 are particularly good in summer and on milder winter days. Whilst the fish densities, species and sizes are the same as for Willow Pool there are quite a lot of golden orfe which provide good sport in winter whilst the common, mirror and ghost carp again run to 18lbs.

Mill Pool is also renowned for good catches of roach and crucian carp to just under 3lbs and perch to 4lbs in autumn and winter.

The majority of the carp in Mill Pool average between 1lb and three-and-a-half pounds, which is slightly smaller than the other pools, but they none-the-less provide consistent sport with non-stop action which makes this water ideal for parents with younger anglers.

Additional Information about Furnace Mill

Looking across Willow Pool

Corporate Days:

Furnace Mill caters for a range of Corporate Hospitality days where events can include everything from fishing matches and packed lunches to breakfasts followed by a fishing match and finishing off either with an organised trip to a local country pub or a barbecue on site. Indeed, owners Ed and Jane Brown pride themselves on being able to organise virtually any corporate function for up to 80 or more guests including arranging for events in marquees.

Furnace Mill on the Net

Furnace Mill was one of the first fisheries in the UK to develop its own website. includes further details of the lakes together with latest news from the fishery, match results and other relevant information.

How to get there...

Map showing how to get to the fisheryFrom Kidderminster: Take the A456 from Kidderminster to Leominster. At Callow Hill turn right onto the A4117 to Cleobury Mortimer. At Far Forest take the third road on the right after 'The Plough' public house and follow the signs for Furnace Mill. After crossing over the small stone bridge at the bottom of the valley there is a sharp right hand bend and Furnace Mill is signed to the left. Take this small road and the entrance to the fishery is a short distance on the left.

From Bridgnorth: Coming from Bridgnorth, take the B4363 signed for Cleobury Mortimer. After about nine miles you reach Kinlet where you will see the Eagle and Serpant pub. Turn left by the pub towards Bewdley. After a mile you come to a T-junction where you should turn left and after about 400 yards there is a left hand bend where you turn right. Follow this road through the forest and after about two-and-a-half miles it brings you down the valley where there is a very sharp left hand bend. Take the road to the right and the entrance to the fishery is a short distance on the left.

Sat Nav users should enter: DY14 8NR.

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